it looks like tory lanez might have 22 years to think about what has happened

even though i wasn’t following this case all like that,
my news apps blew my notifications up tonight.
the verdict for tory lanez in the megan thee stallion drama has arrived…

Tory Lanez is guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot back in 2020 … a jury has decided.
The verdict came in Friday, just before the holiday — where a group of L.A. jurors found the Canadian rapper guilty of all three charges against him — felony negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm.
After the verdict was read, several members of Tory’s family shouted — calling the jurors evil.

not only did they say the jurors were evil but:

they even brought jay z into it:

jay probably with bey as the help wraps the rest of the presents like:

that must have been quite the scene.
can i get the audio and video of that outburst?

i mean…
what verdict did we expect?
from various reports and accusations,
he been wyldin tf out in these forests.
he has been showing us who he is.
didn’t he just ( x beat up august alsina )?
i don’t understand the confusion here.
according to his sentencing:

Tory now faces more than 22 years in prison, which will be determined during sentencing on January 27. Sources connected to the case tell us Tory’s lawyers were in touch with immigration officials — before the guilty verdict — and we’re told they’ve been informed there’s a strong likelihood he will be forced to leave the country.

what a way for a career to come crashing down.

i wonder if they are gonna turn on him like they did megan?
some black folks will support you
until the guilty verdict.

article cc: tmz

15 thoughts on “it looks like tory lanez might have 22 years to think about what has happened

  1. Look at all of these “lawyers” in the comments.

    Glad justice was served and hope Megan is safe, because his family sounds beyond deranged and unstable. Just like him.

  2. We know that no one cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining (tiny tory beatingup tall august/no wonder that niga soft ass came out as gay/etc), but it was torys entourage who attacked august. Tiny tory beating someone up is more entertaining and convenient for the couch crusaders and public jury.

    I hope this case is left in 2022.

    Happy holidays.

    1. Thank u @Jason where I’m from if I have a team wit me and someone jumps me my bros step in it ! August is not disabled he was walking just fine he should’ve thought about the repercussions for being a shady queen refusing a greeting over ppl making a joke of him fucking jada bald head ass. The bitch is a groomer anyway. The whole relationship preyed on his vulnerability from having a drug addicted mother and they bonded over that. She used that “son” relationship to get her g spot throttled later on. He was hanging with her kids. Nobody with the intention of being a boyfriend from jump has a brother relationship with your teenaged kids

      She’s weird he’s weird and the Tory lanez pile on is weird . Assuming someone shot Megan bc he punched (allegedly) a grown man is weird. Twitter is soft and weird. Social Justice posters for clout and shea butter pseudo woke but still date white men twitter is weird

      Forgive them father for they know not what they do!

      1. I was actually just pointing out how ppl decide and run w narratives, often for entertainment purposes. It was def not a cape for Tory.

        I’ve def been around long enough to know that a whole damn new, emerging celebrity who’s just getting their shot isn’t gonna DECIDE and make up a narrative that a more established celeb shot her w a whole damn gun and bullet! While the odds are that Tory didn’t MEAN to shoot her, it doesn’t keep 2 things from being correct at the same time.

        1. No I get that . I’m saying people assume a lot in this case based on what they see on blogs . Everyone keeps saying she should sue blogs but there we just as many outlets praising her and slighting him. She has a whole signed open letter from Maxine waters and other women in politics .

  3. Honestly, this is one of the most textbook cases of what should have been a mistrial that I’ve seen. From what I have seen from all the sources that were in the court room and from the testimonies, the state didn’t really prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. In fact, all this case did was make it more confusing about who shot her. Witnesses contradicting their own testimonies, one of the key witnesses admitting to having lied about their testimony, an eye witness that provides events that were completely omitted from anyone else’s statement? I’m not saying that he didn’t do it, but the only thing that I take away from this trial is that they’re all liars. This whole thing is ghetto and messy and seems more like reality TV than a court of law. Literally, nobodies testimonies line up with anyone else’s. If (when) he appeals, don’t be surprised if it gets granted.

  4. Honestly though I am not sure the district attorney proved their case. Grant somebody shot this woman and there was no real reason for it, but in all honesty it should have been a mistral. Things about to change in the game for Megan tho. We see how easily people turned on her. She about to be shutout which is sad because this should have never been done to her. How do you get shot and wind up being the monster of the situation? And they keep saying the code of the streets, but this not he streets this the music industry. Aint no streets got nothing to do with this.

  5. Sips my tea 🍵 justice has been served and Karma had her day with the hobbit. Evidence and forensics don’t lie

      1. I think she can do so much better in the relationship choices. She wasting all that ass and intelligence on BASIC boys. I mean Tory Lanez is more Nickelodeon than Disney. She needs to fire her whole team and go haute couture GLOW UP!💯

        1. Tory Lanez is Zeus (streaming channel), not Disney or even Nickolodeon, chile! If even that….

          Megan Thee Stallion can definitely do better. A LOT better.

      2. This whole thing is confusing. I’m not sure (from what has been presented) who did what. All I know is Megan was shot. From these clips, Daystar’s family seems crazy and other than running Roc Nation what JayZ got to do with this??? Hopefully Megan’s musical themes will evolve from this experience, tho…

        1. ^ i loved the father is putting on this show when he threw tory out the house after his mother died and only reconnected once he blew up.

          that little show he put on was because his cash cow has been put away.

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