Meet Your New Storm from X-Men!

tumblr_mcxc9bj13H1qj2g8ko1_500…because lord knows i feel a storm coming.
this is who they casted to play “young storm” in the new x-men apocalypse..

10950521_1468141530099331_1822118672_n fp865scompliments of the director,
bryan singer:

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 1.55.28 AMya know…
maybe she may surprise us!
i wasn’t impressed with her version of “aaliyah”,
ya’ll weren’t impressed with her version of a “drummer” in drumline 2,
so maybe third time may actually be her impressive role?
i’m trying to remain optimistic!

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13 thoughts on “Meet Your New Storm from X-Men!”

  1. I was very disappointed when I heard this news because to me Marvel Comics should’ve stayed with the true back story for Storm. She is not and never was “Light Skinned”. I still say that Halle berry should have never been Storm. I think Iman should have played storm because she was the perfect look and back story per the comics. I think the only reason why Alexandra Shipp got the role because she was a younger lighted Halle Berry. I still love Marvel Comics and I will be watching the new movie when it comes out. But this just comes to show that there is an issue with beauty when it comes to light skin and dark skin.

    1. ^Omar..that is what you get when you have people that don’t know shyt about the characters and or their universe.
      When Brian Singer did the first movie,, he did a “crash course” on the characters to learn about them. That bothered me, because the X-Men were my favorite team back then. Then to see the movies become all about Wolverine, was another slap to the face. And let’s not even begin to mention how they “dumbed-down” or I should say “powered down” Rogue. Because at the time she was a bad-ass in the comics and on the cartoon, so to see her role tamed had me upset. Storm’s character was pretty much non-existent in the film. He (Brian) kind of redeemed himself with the second film, which is the best of the movies, but the characters still took a backseat to Wolverine.
      I want an X-MEN movie, not a Wolverine featuring other mutants, movie! I will watch this movie, but I won’t be expecting too much, because as far as I’m concerned…the damage is done to these characters. When you put someone that has knowledge of these characters on the project, maybe they can do it some justice. When you put self-professed fanboys on it….you get the mixed up mess we’ve seen over the years.

  2. I was highly upset when I found out yesterday because I love the character so much. I’m still going to watch the movie because I’m a die hard x-men fan, just wish I was someone else.

  3. Hmmmm I don’t think she will be extraordinary, but just okay because anyway I heard this new X-Men film is going to have a lot of mutants on the film so each are going to have a just a few minute, but within those few minutes she better be great, but I doubt it.

  4. There must be a shortage of young black actresses in Hollywood if the only ones they auditioned for the role are Zendaya and this chick.

    I could look past her not being dark enough if she actually displayed any talent in any of her past roles.

  5. I understand they want her to look like Halle… But the Asian features…. I’m done with this movie. I’ll be looking forward to Captain America 3 and Batman v Superman next year.

  6. who cares. we say Halle and they’ll see this bit*h… the agenda is to drown the black talent anyway. peace

  7. Can’t we as fans of Storm say “No Thanks” and they recast the role? No? ( ok wishful thinking)

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