MEAT: (675)

original_108113922well hello.
hello and good afternoon.
i love that shirt btw.

this is allegedly some dominican meat.
here is more

he looks a little…
“doesn’t speak english well”.
i always say sometimes we don’t need them to talk.
just do.

giphy-112…and “do” it well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: (675)”

  1. That’s Marco Toledo. He’s a gogo boy in NY Bar (I believe) in Santo Domingo, but he’s dating this German woman from Germany of who he’s trying to married so he can leave Dominican Republic and move to Berlin with her.

  2. Stfuuu! Jamari is crazy, he said we don’t need them for talking 😆😆

    Can someone tell me why these Dominican wolves have bodies like this? Them biceps, it’s like something is in the water.

      1. Fitness is becoming HUGE in D.R. and in New York too. That why when I return to NY, I’m signing up at a gym where the Dominican wolves work out

      2. This is for Isiah. I heard it before. Someone shouted that they dated him but I think that was Rafael. However, I remember the guy was latino and he was all over his (heatties) fb page about 2-3 years back. Its vague but it was definitely something going on as some woman was making shady comments. So sorry brothas I dont think he attracted to us, if he does like dudes.

  3. I’m getting my Lolz in at the bitch in the back !!! She’s scoping out the meat giving me straight night vision hyena lolol

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