Empire Has Too Many Guest Stars!

tumblr_nm14tddprx1qesw8yo1_1280well i didn’t say it.
i mean,
i did say it,
but i didn’t say it this time.
executive producer to empire,
danny strong,
expresses the same sentiments as us.
an f-bi sent me what he told deadline in a recent interview…

“I do think we’ve had too many guest stars and we’ve already started course-correcting in the last portion of this first part of Season 2, especially in the tail end. We’ll be seeing even less guest stars going into the second half of the season as the show will get a little tighter, more focused on the Lyon family and our core group of characters.

“I do think too when the story calls for it, the guest stars are terrific – like Alicia Keys, she was wonderful on the show. But I think, maybe because we were rejected by so many people in the early part of the first season and now we can get anyone we want, we were too guest-star heavy for a while.”

giphythank you!
thank you for someone behind the scenes to get it.
this is danny strong:

tell lee stop being a mad scientist,
stop being tyler perry,
get back in the think tank,
can this supposed spin off,
and lets focus on making “empire” greater.
oh do something about “boo boo kitty” too.
she is pretty pathetic.
i go hard for this show and i refuse to see it burn out.
or be a future “e true hollywood story”.
thank you danny for recognizing what needs to be fixed.
i predict a better second half and season 3,
don’t you?

article taken: deadline

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Empire Has Too Many Guest Stars!”

  1. 👏👏👏👏 Thank you, Danny Strong. So does that mean Jamal going to be gay again? But to be honest, I feel like they should had explain Jamal’s bisexual situation because you know these ignorant muthafuckas gonna be like “You see! I told ya being gay was a choice”

  2. I’m so glad they are tightening up the show. If anyone knows what a good show should look like it should be Danny Strong. He was a well used recurring character on Buffy during its strongest years.

  3. Good to hear it’s not just the viewing public that has this concern, I’m all for a story that is focused more on the main group of characters, one that will last throughout the season and not cleaned up in one or two episodes.

  4. This shows that even people in Hollywood only want to use you after you’ve become successful. Season 1 nobody was returning phone calls to be a guest star on Empire. As soon as they saw them ratings, I bet they were blowing Lee’s phone up. Fake asses.

    I don’t agree with him that Alicia Keys was a good guest star. Her mom acted better than she did.

  5. Yes indeed too many you can’t keep killing them off every episode that Chris Rock was off the show before the credits could roll

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