So We Meet Again


so you know how i got the number from that ( x fione wolf )?
well he came up to my job again today and well…

i was actually coming out the bathroom when i saw him.
i didn’t even recognize him because he was in a suit.
his big arms underneath that blazer…

tumblr_mqd30p7R1L1sucjego1_500…it instantly put a smile on my face.
his face also lit up when he saw me.
as we talked,
he was telling me how i need to come over to his building.
apparently there was still some clothes left he thinks i may like.
i asked him if we could try for next week?
he said cool.
i told him how i he never responded to my text,
but he seems like a busy wolf.
he smiled,
looked down,
and apologized.

“yeah my life has been hectic.
don’t think i’m ignoring you.
i’m definitely not.

i’ve been working hard on my career,
plus my partner and i have been getting organized…

…i stopped listening somewhere around that point.
so he was taken?
“partner” could only mean one thing…
giphybefore he left,
he said text him next week and we can link up.

“don’t forget.
i want to see you next week…”

oh we will.
we gave each other dap and he left.

I want him.

i always seem to meet the:

sexy taken wolves
dl confusions
other foxes

i must be doomed.

tumblr_njv1j0yPTc1soppaao1_500…and i hope he isn’t a masculine fox.
i realllllllly want to feel those arms and that chest on TOP of me.

18 thoughts on “So We Meet Again

  1. Aww boo, the plight of us gay men lol. I encountered a similar situation recently.

    In other news, SO happy for you getting your mindnof work wolf and setting your sights on new horizons! There are so many wonderful people to meet that you may have been blocking yourself off from 🙂

  2. My guess is that he either 1. has a business and not a sex partner and wants you to know that or 2. he has a sex partner and not a business partner and wants you to know that. If it’s #1, he may want you to know for romantic/sexual interest. If it’s #2, he may want you to know for romantic/sexual interest. As you know, many guys (particularly the good looking ones) have boyfriends but fool around (cheat) and many gay relationships are open and many gay guys in relationships “play” together occasionally. He may be feeling you out for a three some or cheating. You can find out by asking the right questions and listening to the answers and reading body language. Good luck.

  3. Ugh I feel you and everyone else. This one fine ass buff wolf kept staring at me in the gym for like a few weeks then he finally comes up and starts talking to me within 10 mins of our conversation he tells me has a fiancé and kids. I was like dammit it never fails, can I just find a single discreet muscle wolf.

  4. If he has a life partner and is comfortable mentioning him than he may have some single gay male friends he can introduce you to.You need to start socializing with openly gay professional guys.Hell you guys can go on a double date.You have to look at the cup as half full rather than half empty.

  5. Ahh boo😩 Well at least you’ll get some free clothes out of it, and who knows maybe a really good friend who’s gay like you.

    P.S. glad I’m not the only one meeting the same kind of men you named, ugh I’m starting to thing those are the only one out here at time 😤

  6. That was the chance! You should have asked “Partner?” You have to sneak it into the next conversation some way. Unless you can ask someone that knows him?

  7. lol no judgement because I’m in the same boat i always attract the thugs who are married or the big ass muscle bound bttms like leave me alone i’m a bttm too i cant help yall asses out in any form lol

    1. ^word malcolm!
      i never meet single discreet wolves.
      its always the wolf in the relationship who wants to fuck me stupid.
      i must scream “side fox” lol

  8. In my head, I’m a home wrecker from way back. Round two for the friend zone. Get that holiday party invite and see what swims in THOSE waters. It’s OK to want him, though. Shiiit, keep on living.

  9. “Partner” could mean an actual business partner bro. Maybe it’s his work colleague and not a lover. Hopefully. 😉

    1. That what I was thinking cause who the hell gonna say “my partner and I been getting organized” in term of relationship? It sound work-related plus he did said he been working hard and his life has been hectic, so obviously he is trying to get organized for work. It also sound like he’s new in town.

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