MEAT: (521)

tumblr_mzuzopifei1qasnrqo1_500love the shirt.
love the lips...

name: branbebo.
i like his swagg.
not to mention he is handsome.
being the standout feature.
he could get in the door being a real model.
not the “instagram” kind.
he is young as hell tho so be good.

instagram | tumblr

shirt available at: urban outfitters

photo shot by: rakoon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “MEAT: (521)”

    1. My heart is rushing, skipping beats and everything. He is very pretty. I’ll be keeping an eye on him for real.

  1. He is legal. Why do we have to be good then? I’m young as hell too, but that don’t mean I can’t take on a seasoned man.

    Def. model material. I had to get off his instagram, I’m smitten like shit man, and might even be in love, nah. This is how I want my Foxes to look tho, small frame but with a fit body. He is clearly a Fox, which means I do not have to ask to take him. I am a Fox recruiter, and us Wolves will take good care of him over in our Wolf Den. Walk in with a tight ass, and walk out with a loose one. That’s our motto. Oh, I stole another one so what? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I was feelin kind of perverted for a minute.I was thinking “damn, he looks boy-ish.”No pedo.

    Nice lips.He cute.

  3. I agree with “THE MAN”. I’m young and I see no problem with older guys lusting for young guys and vice versa (as long as its legal and consensual). I’m 18 and the oldest I did was 40 something. He was so kind and I was so lonely. I’ve also been with a 27 year old. However I would recommend young people to stick within their own age range, but it’s not “wrong” to seek mature love.

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