MEAT (52)

Since I am hee to represent for my Foxes,
today will be a day of MEAT.

Think of it as a BAR B Q hosted by Jamari Fox.
These Wolves fill you up.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “MEAT (52)”

  1. Nice body. Homeboy prolly got boils on his booty from doing all them damn…Takes lots of devotion…However sumthin about ol boys face don’t sit well with me…i think it’s the stache…and the brows…and the lips as well…looks like he’s puckering or sumthin…not a good look on him.imo

    1. You wouldn’t be thinking about that outtie as he’s in you, Vain. I know I wouldn’t be thinking about it when I’m in him…lol

      But does he have a nipple ring? And I think his face is like that cuz he’s tryna give a sexy pout…

  2. Body is on point!
    Shea is right about his face though and Vain now has me distracted by his outtie. Lol
    Damn you guys! lmao

    1. but the outtie is hot…its like a third nipple…but lower to the lollipop!

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