MEAT: (505)

tumblr_myymkjrMHG1sek7x9o1_5006wji just saw this wolf on tumblr.
i’m naked.
i’m sensing baller wolf.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “MEAT: (505)”

  1. Yeah I knew who he was.He’s an actor.He was in a show with Emma Roberts aka Madison from Coven when he was little.

    No lie, I saw a pic of him yesterday and thought he was Trey Songz little brother.I kept looking at it more and more, then I was like “no, that’s Jordan Calloway.”

  2. Just seen him pop up on Tumblr a couple of days ago and everybody was going up but I thought he was a baller as well. Nice but in this attention whore age with so many good looking dudes you see not too many just take my breath away anymore even some of the old ones I have crushes on have been just Eh to me lately. I think I have sensory overload.

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