MEAT (139)

  When I tell… you… that….


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “MEAT (139)”

  1. This brotha is so sexy and fine ! Terron Fondren is his name . He is a model in Krave Magazine and an athlete. Great body from head to toe! Very nice legs!

      1. Yea I noticed the piercing too, but I didn’t wanna say nothing. I don’t think it means nothing though.

  2. That eye brow.. probably has a tongue ring. Nothing wolvish about him, he screams butch queen to me.

  3. He is fine and I love his tattoo and I live that giff. I’m sorry Jamari that last entry still has me pissed off about the meat section.

  4. Before I get to this meat, Jamari, I hope everything is working out for you Bro in your favor, I have been praying for you man.

    This man right here, lawd have mercy, talk about good genetics, this dude is no more than 20yrs old, but has the body of a grown ass man. I know he is putting a smile on somebody face every night.

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