malik joseph doing what malik joseph usually does? (and the crowd acts… confused?)

we need to have a serious conversation about:

“Not acting surprised or shocked at certain jackals and hyena’s actions”

i feel like many of us missed that class growing up.
we hold onto hope that “they would never do that!”,
but when they do “that”,
we grasp pearls and act shocked af.
malik joseph has quite the reputation within the foxhole.
he has done content with some of the sexiest and most questionable males.
he has also done things that don’t qualify him as a good person tho.
the foxhole blew up my box today with his latest

i meannnnnnnzzzzz…

This is the same pineapple who allegedly shot one of his co-stars in a disagreement.

why are some of ya’ll be confused-ed?
let me know or understand.

what we need to be talking about is homeskillet that took him on a date.
it’s not like they met on some sex app for the first time.
i’m sure he knows malik’s reputation because it’s pretty much known.

He decided to be a simp and take that walking “proceed with caution” out on a date.

…but like everyone who gets their national negro wake-up call,
he expected to be the “special snowflake” and win his affections.

how cute!
me thinks he just wanted to wine and dine so he could get some ass.

some of us like to go on facts and a muthasucka’s resume of bad behavior.
others hope they’ll be “the one” to turn them into a husband.
maya angelou said to believe someone the first time.
and the second time.
and the third time.
and the fourth time.
and the fifth time.
and the sixth time.
and the seventh time.
you get the picture.

lowkey: i don’t mean to pay malik’s bail but haven’t we all done this?
gone out with someone we weren’t attracted to and made the best of it?

10 thoughts on “malik joseph doing what malik joseph usually does? (and the crowd acts… confused?)

  1. You’ve got to be careful of stunt queens. As John Lennon once sang Ïnstant Karma’s gonna get ya, who do you think you are, a superstar”

  2. Not trying to play psychologist but I get sociopath vibes off this. Like, why would you go on what looks like a nice date with someone who was clearly treating you very well, then go out of your way to diss him, not once but several times, and then post this crap on social media? Like WTF? Who does that? I see on the original thread about if you scroll down on Twitter Malik posted an apology, which is fine but it’s a bit late. Did he do this for clout? To show he could and did humiliate the other brother? To get off? I’d say run as far away from people like this as possible. I also feel for the other brother, and hope he was not hurt too badly by this stunt.

  3. They went to like 3 dif places and it was a thoughtful , nice date , but ima be honest

    It’s no way if he followed malik social media he didn’t know he was a pornstar or know he liked “money” most men ain’t hollering in public so they meet ppl off ig or twitter . Malik been doing this even before the pandemic , so anyone particularly down south knows he shoots and stabs men who don’t wanna be with him. Major red flag like the golf they was playing at 🚩🚩🚩

    But I def think he probably hit malik up malik said “what you got for me?” “Send pics” and maybe the body wasn’t tight or the dick wasn’t long enough to have sex for pleasure strictly .

    But the OF girls will fuck and film it even if there’s no feelings bc it means making a check . However, I think the guy didn’t sgree to film .

    The end of the video malik abruptly rushes to end it on a note of “he left cuz I told him he wasn’t my type” suggesting some type of disagreement probably took place bc malik got him to his place to film a movie . Most people not into anything aren’t inviting men to their house . And the date went home instead bc he wasn’t into being filmed.

    I think there’s much to be said about the performative activism people employ on social media like he’s the devil for saying someone ain’t his vibe. When I see public scrutiny and rejection almost daily for the sake of making one’s self feel better and higher up socially . Skinny twinks comparing their bodies to Big Booty boys . Saying “little booties matter , big boys paint” and all type of dumb shit

    Not to defend him, but I’ve seen someone call Malik fat and bad built on a myvidster comment , he’s nowhere near fat, even before his lipo .This community bruises egos and then turns us into monsters. This surface level community bullshit is why the aids rates are high but the marriage rates are low. Ppl worried about the wrong shit. Instead of clowning and ghosting the niggas that’s “too nice” or whatever they need to be ghosting these Niggas fucking raw on onlyfans in ATL for pride . /ENDRANT

    1. This makes sense. Malik wanted to make content and he didn’t. Probably would’ve been better for them both to have that conversation before the date tho

  4. @Seli, I am crushing on this particular post. There really are guys who ABSOLUTELY do not watch porn, maybe he had no idea who Malik Joseph is. That date was amazing and romantical. I felt glitter and fairy dust flutters on my face and in my belly. Some of the things my eyes have beheld, I wish they had never. This reminds me of my first love and a Christmas dinner date he took me on.. WOW. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Push thru ‘romantical’. That’s how I know ur black black! Lol.

      Yea, I’m mad he made it a social media story. Who knows, maybe the whole thing was a stunt. I hope so for that man’s feelings.

      And yes Jamari, we are all guilty of going out w ppl who we know we don’t see it for. I was a king of ghosting at one point, but had to get called out on it to realize I was (unintentionally) being a dik to ppl’s feelings.

  5. Jamari, I don’t think the guy did that just to sleep with him.

    That was a date out of a romance film. Not romantic comedy.

    That was WELL thought out and I doubt he does it for every guy he’s with. I’m sure Malik mentioned golf or the place they ate at and the guy was paying attention.

    NOBODY puts in that much effort just go get some azz. He would’ve just done dinner then or “flew” him out.

    The guy was smitten and maybe met him in person and didn’t know his online presence. Not everybody is addicted to social media.

  6. I think you hit it spot on, its just something about malik where he doesn’t come off as a nice person at all and while he’s ok to look at I don’t get the obsession and fascination people have with him. Every time I see him I just click next. It was absolutely tacky for him to post that, he could’ve just posted the date and have people speculate as to what happened next, he didn’t have to add all that extra carrying on.

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