So This Is What LaRon Landry Has Been Doing?

tumblr_n1bevq6Pao1r2phcfo1_500oh my g…
if you’ll excuse me…


lowkey: laron landry always wakes you up,
don’t he?
whoever is taking that pipe,

please make sure you are doing it GOOD.
you gotta do tricks on that body.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “So This Is What LaRon Landry Has Been Doing?”

  1. Nice body. Very big arms. Good for him. Is he still playing in the NFL or is he an NFL has been? Nice bodies are a dime a dozen.

    1. He’s attractive but he’s not my type because he’s too muscled for my taste. But if he has a nice personality, he and I would be “good”. Looks aren’t everything!

  2. He is so ugly and could scare the shit out of me, but I find him attractive for some strange reason.

    1. ^Lindo…I’m in agreement to a degree. While his face isn’t the cutest, that body/physique more than makes up for it! And I don’t even care for guys this big! !! LOL

      1. I think you kinda did agree with me when you said his face isn’t that cute, so….. But yea he does have a nice body.

    2. He’s attractive to me in the face but he’s not my type because he’s too muscled for my taste. But if he has a nice personality, he and I would be “good”. Looks aren’t everything–body or face!

      In fact, few guys are too unattractive for me to date. I find it interesting that many gay guys nit-pic their ways out of good relationships or good connections with other men. (The attitude is often something like “He’s not a dime. I need a dime” or “He’s not a dime. I’m a dime so he goes on the reject bin.”) Again, few guys are too unattractive for me to date or to get to know. This is because I almost always find something attractive about EVERYONE. I find that the more I like a person, the better he looks. It’s just my nature.) LaRon Landry is very much too muscled for my taste and I like guys with less muscle but I’d overlook that if we were to hit it off as friends or friends with benefits or a for relationship or even for a fling, for example. Looks (face) and body (muscles or lack thereof) are not everything! I like to give people a chance and “measure” the whole person before jumping to conclusions about how we might relate.

      I suggest that some of you guys consider doing the same.

  3. I still say that you guys want–and often won’t settle for less–than a man that has the body of Adonis and the face of America’s Next Top Male Model. Wow!

  4. LARON LANDRY aka DADDY…that’s the kind of man that has you waking up early humming negro spirituals in the kitchen as you make eggs, bacon, toast and etc…his body is amazing…i love a man with a built physique…if i could have one day with him i’d like to get to know him personally not just on a physical level…men like that know they’re attractive and it blows their minds when you actually care about them versus trying to sleep with them…..those muscle bound jocks need love too and i got plenty of it ;-0

  5. So my type. I like him. Hell I love men (skinny, fat, thick and muscular) or (light, brown, dark). Jamari you posted about him before I never did get a chance to see that workout video everyone was talking about. I think it something about his assistant answering the door while he was naked in a sheet. What was the deal with that?

  6. Yessssss he used to live a few miles from me and I would do random drive us to see his big ole daddy self!

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