khi lavene changed his career outlook (are ya’ll gonna turn on him when you get bored?)

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

it seems rhyheim shabazz is the “go-to” when sex working wolves want to flip(ped over).
hasn’t flipped yet (?) on camera,
but everyone goes to him for their first times.
i like to think of him as “the wolf slayer” or “first-time” cam cherry popper.
( x like this one )
khi lavene,
who has been known as the go-to sex working wolf,
decided it was time to change his outlook on his career.
he requested rhyheim shabazz be the wolf to help him with his decision


ย he jumped right in,
or on,
didn’t he?
so this sex work game can be really tricky.
ย castro,
a known sex working wolf with a gigantic penis in the early 00s,
was never looked at the same when he changed his outlook on his career.
( x see that here )
some of the straights that turn to sex work can either be a hit or miss.
the “lamont johnsons”,
and “derek jrs” of the social media worlds are perfect examples.

When the fantasy is ruined,
it’s really hard to get it back.

everyone is cheering on khi lavene now,
giving him likes,
but i’m waiting to see how this all goes.
the foxhole has seen this go south for some folks.
the audience can be fickle when some change their career outlooks.
someone said something to me that stays on my mind:

“As soon as you start doing too much to black people,
that’s when they want you gone.
Folks be complaining for Beyonce to release an album,
but the moment she starts being on every channel and performing on award shows,
suddenly she is doing too much and she needs to sit down.”

khi has done a good job of keeping longevity,
but the moment he starts opening his back door for everyone to enter

it’s one thing to be a wolf slaying ass,
but when a wolf becomes a fox and starts being over-slayed,
i think that’s when the fantasy will be over.

lowkey: who is next?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “khi lavene changed his career outlook (are ya’ll gonna turn on him when you get bored?)”

  1. Personally, I think this was hot and like him even more! I prefer men who are more fluid with their Sexuality . Why waste a whole body . I don’t think we should “Label ourselves.

    [ This is my personal opinion and I realize that many are perfectly fine limiting themselves and who they fantasize about ]

    There used to be an old saying ” Nobody is a Top’ just ain’t met the right one”

  2. I’m all for it. 9/10 of these blk ofans ppl are fem guys who are clearly vers in their real lives. They’re putting on fantasies for all of the ppl who want to see guys who try to play masc play tops, and guys who play fem (women stand-ins) play bottoms. If I see 1 more limp the entire time (let alone, never getn a nut) bottom in a blk pron video, I’m throwing my laptop!

    Let Khi do all the things that grown ass man wants to on cam, and maybe we’ll have a total of a whole 3 blk guys who 1, look like they’re legal to drink, and 2, can be active bottoms who enjoy their diks being involved in sexual activity.

  3. Tops who tried it and didn’t like it are hotter to me than tops who “only poop comes out there, nothing goes in it”. It gives bottom in denial and that they don’t wipe well.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed Khi and he’s always given me verse top vibes anyway. Sidenote…. When I read the title of this post the first thing that came to mind is ” oh God I hope this nigga didn’t just get saved and is now damning the gays to hell!!” ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  5. At 31 Iโ€™m too fucking gay to only pick dick or ass. I want all of my man that Iโ€™m fucking. To each their own but my time is limited on this planet and I just CANNOT pick just topping or bottoming. Im versatile ๐Ÿ’ฏ Khi just became 1000% more attractive because he bottomed on camera.

    Also letโ€™s be real most of your favorite tops on camera bottom as well (look at Rhyeims bootyhole) Yโ€™all just lonely and want believe 100 per cent stict tops exist cause you still feed into a heteronormative system of female and male relationships.

    Iโ€™m eating the booty and Iโ€™m sucking the dick and I want my dude to do the same. Thanks.

    1. Speaking of Castro, someone (Jamari) needs to reach out and get the exclusive interview. I never understood how someone w his aesthetic (very handsome, very fit, very hung) ended up in hoodporn. Like, he could’ve been a huge token blatino draw w well paying white companies, and he’s over there w dollar tree azz cocodorm, and nem?!

      Also, I think he lost a lot of his ‘appeal’ w the ‘he bottomed- he’s dead to me’ queens because he wasnt just bottoming, he was getting ‘bitched’ out by supposed total tops like Tiger Tyson. To go from looking uncomfortable af, to then treating botoms like it’s their fault that he couldn’t figure out how to keep his dick hard during his wet paint drying scenes, I think turned him off to most ppl.

      That’s an autobiography that I’d read. Just such an anomaly for that era of blk gay porn.

  6. For me “It’s the bottom-shaming.” Being that I am team verse, it turns me on! I love to see masculine men bottom. But, there are some gays out there (mostly feminine bottoms) that say that they no longer consider a man masculine if he bottoms. I actually heard a feminine bottom say that if he found out his man bottomed, he would consider him his “sis” and would no longer be attracted to him. Bottom/Bottoming does not equate to femininity, just like Top/Topping does not equate to masculinity. Porn from the late 90’s, early 2000’s was a lot more verse. Pornsites like Taggaz, Dawgpound, and Papithugz always had verse scenes and no one ever thought they were less of a man for bottoming, it was just hot as shit!

    I always thought that gay sex was much more fun then straight sex, because of all the combinations we could create. Two mouths, two holes, two dicks; how could you go wrong? Just because you chose to use your hole and not your dick (or vice versa) don’t de-masculinize someone else if they choose to.

    In my opinion, porn has gotten a little boring. The same people are giving dick, and the same people are taking dick. I can’t wait to see the following porn stars take dick: Fame, Mr. Bolden, Dicky Von James, Ryheim (I know he love dick. Look at his hole!), Yardie (his ass is so beautiful), Jaynite, Keptsecret (another beautiful ass)…….

    I think Khi Lavene will be okay. He is a very passionate masculine person, which is attractive whether he bottoms or tops. I will actually become a member now. But that’s just me. He may lose some, but I think he will also gain some. Krave Melanin, HarlemJock and DeAngelo seem to be doing good. Maybe he should take notes.

    Jamari: the scene you have of Castro bottoming, was actually not the first time he bottomed on camera. He bottomed several times when he was part of Cocodorm.

    1. Well put!

      Like I stated in the very 1st post , More power to him. I love it when people “Mix it up ” In every way. T

    2. Dicky Von James has bottomed for Mr. Bolden. I saw a clip on his Twitter page that was posted earlier this year. By the looks of it, they are in a somewhat serious relationship. In terms of Mr. Bolden, I guess we can count that leaked vid of him bottoming for Jaynite as something.

      1. I saw that, but the comments stated that the vid was not on either of their pages.

        I also saw the video with Jaynite…….I want more! Lol!

  7. Respect. He took one for the team. Onlyfans claimed they were going to get rid of porn and many people canceled. Something or someone has to bring the fans back.

    But, I don’t think this is going to revive the magic or trust in onlyfans.

  8. It’s interesting because a lot of the total tops that were sold as masculine are not as masculine as they were advertised and a lot of the gays are pressed. I guess Khi is joining a long list with hot rod, jovonnie, castro, knight, romance, etc… I think it’s funny how pressed a lot of the gays are probably going to be about this like he’s a person that likes men just like everybody else let’s move on.

    (p.s. remember when the gays found out knockout wasn’t completely masculine and they were outraged/over him?)

    1. That scene of Knockout bottoming for Stax was hot when it first came out. They played HORSE, Knockout lost and he had to give up the booty. Whew. I agree with the point that so much porn these days is pretty boring. It was a bit wilder in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Anyways, props to Khi for embracing this change and more power to bottoming and going vers on screen. Get tested, take your PrEP/PEP and have fun!

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