karma was hunting kevin hunter, aunt wendy ex-husband, and might have finally got him

any good mistress knows you never get pregnant by your john.
every good mistress and mister knows that when the appeal (money) ends,
you can bounce with your dignity (a secret savings account) intact.

We don’t get into entanglements for love.
We get into entanglements for pleasure and purpose.
You don’t ever taunt the spouse or partner.
Your purpose is to get pleasure and financial gain.

i’ve watched many who choose to be on the wrong side of history fall.
i knew kevin hunter and his mistress,
would fall eventually.
their whole foundation was built on shaky ground.
when i first heard this news via yahoo

According to The Sun, Hunter had previously sent forth the request after Williams’ stopped paying due to the fiscal troubles she’d been embroiled on over the last year with Wells Fargo and her financial guardianship. And now, it looks like she won’t have to resume payments due to a judge ruling that it’s “not emergent” and subsequently dismissed Hunter’s application “without prejudice.” She also won’t be responsible for paying Hunter’s attorney’s fees either.

the money is gone and love doesn’t pay any bills.
next was the alleged revelation of the “gay” extra side piece:


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we don’t know if this is true but a jackal doesn’t change it’s fur.
you end up getting the same jackal they got. 

there is an alleged report that kevin and sharina allegedly broke up:


their social medias tells the story all is not well in what was once paradise.
if this is all true,
a wise she-jackal once said:

“You never win when you play dirty.”

aunt wendy played dirty and she got her karma with her past antics.
  kevin played dirty while she was dirty and ultimately:

“He had it coming.”

lowkey: if you’re lucky,
you’ll watch all those whose tongues rose against you fall to your knees.

article cc: yahoo

8 thoughts on “karma was hunting kevin hunter, aunt wendy ex-husband, and might have finally got him

  1. Wendy
    Is a Cancer, I wouldn’t put it past her to be that brilliant and get loosed from those shackles by creating this helpless, mentally unstable character.
    It seems Kevin Jr is lost in the shuffle: who is looking out for him?

    1. The son is who I feel bad for in all of this. What a circus to be born in.

  2. Wow.. You can’t make this stuff up. I always felt like an outsider when it came to my views of Wendy. To me Wendy was out of place and mean the way she talked about people. I love gossip just as much as the average person . Wendy took it to another level. It seemed everyone was loving her, and I said, ” Maybe I am missing something ?”

    To be honest : Wendy Williams was was a head of her time. Wendy is the Inventor of “Trolling” that is so popular today. People on Social Media are so mean and it’s a sport .Some folks read the “Comment Section ” just for the comments.

    Like you all said ” Karma”.

  3. as for that singer who now has a WIFE…um are we to believe he has stopped having men plug him at nights? DWRCL

  4. Damn it man, karma truly is a butch isn’t she? See and the one thing about karma is she may not come right away when you need her oh but when you release expected she come in like a sniper! And with accurate precision as in the words of Aunt Wendy see that’ll learn ya!!! And how you get em’ is how you keep em’. Shout out to the queen of all media and may she get well soon and come back bigger and better than ever!!!💐💐💐

    1. ^i would love it if she played a keyser soze and played crazy just to get the courts to see she isn’t mentally stable to pay him.
      sometimes she acts like an evil genius 😂😂

      1. Ya know I didn’t even think about it like that but that would be a pure genius move damn it man!😂😂😂

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