Kanye West Needs A GoFundMe Account

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kanye west…!!!!
53 mill??????
how sway?????????
kim is probably regretting her mama’s decisions these days…
or not.
cruella de jenner 
probably has that:

“divorce/poor kim/single mother/thot back on the block”

…story line in the works.

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13 thoughts on “Kanye West Needs A GoFundMe Account”

  1. What in North West Trust Fund Fuck is going on Kanye. Po Lil North West gone have to shop the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory at this rate. Calling Mellody Hobson, Michelle Singletary, Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey to start a prayer circle to ask for increase in your finances. Rev. Kearney please send your financial anointed prayer cloth to Kanye’s accountant. He better get on his knees and pray that Taylor Swift let him be an opening act on her next tour, or Jay-Z cosign for a signature loan at Lending Tree. #FIXITJESUS

      1. The Life of Kanye is such a sad story. There was a time when there was nobody cooler than Kanye. After his mother passed and he broke up with Amber Rose it has been a downhill struggle.

        I believe he is mentally ill. Maybe manic depressive. He has alienated his core fans and surrounded himself with “yes people.”

        He is definitely in debt. I don’t believe it is $50+ millions, though.

  2. Do you think this is real? I know he has invested money in Tidal (which is losing money), his fashion line (which looks a hot ass mess) and god knows whatever else tickles his fancy.
    This dude needs help, mentally and physically. He is scarred, both from that auto accident he had many years ago and the death of his mom. I don’t think he has processed it yet, and that’s what leads to his outbursts and antics. The people around him that allow him to continue acting like this are not his friends. Real friends will continue to check you on your behavior and they will stick by you…no matter how nasty you get with them.

    1. ^i love that last line.
      if my friends can’t tell me the truth,
      then i refuse to have them in my life.

      i heard from various forests he is allegedly in debt.
      he has invested in a lot of things and they have all failed.
      donda, his other fashion line, and other things.
      he was trying to be taken so seriously as a fashion designer,
      he forgot his main passion was what was raking in dinero.


      1. ^Yeah…I went through a major depression period from 2001-2005 because I lost my father and 3 grandparents. I was in a fuck-the-world mode for real, but a few close friends stood by me and refused to let me self-destruct. They are still around, everyone else was cut loose.

        He definitely should get back into production more than being in the forefront. I think he got bigheaded when he became a “superstar” some years back…but then his music started falling off, and when he didnt’ get recognition, he would throw tantrums. Really?

        Definitely go back to producing, because he made some bad ass jams for some artists. Here’s one of my favorites:


    2. ^bad enough that new album is online for free and everyone damn near downloaded it for free.
      that is the problem with services like tidal.
      no one takes it seriously and they find free ways to get your music.
      he should have just done an major release and put it on all platforms for purchase.

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