Johnny Crome Wants You To Get Lost In His World

johnnycromelostworldso you guys remember foxhole favorite, johnny crome?
after that ( x #lhhatl debacle ),
ive wanted to see him win for a while now.
he’s a pretty nice and extremely humble wolf.
different than what id expect especially from “ny to la”.
well johnny launched the video for his newest single,
“lost world”.
check it…

headnodwell alright johnny.
my thoughts:

  • that beat knocks and the flow isn’t bad at all.
  • how the video was shot was excellent.
    i notice little things like that.
    if anyone wants me to take them seriously with their music career,
    their videos should not look bootleg.
  • i liked that the video went with the song.
    everything is a game or battle in this world today.
    you are either battling trying to keep up with others or with yourself.
    like a game of chess,
    you need to make the right moves or you will continue to fail.
  • im glad he didn’t do a duet with “that guy” looking for relevancy from #lhhatl.

yeah johnny comes off like a neo soul kind of wolf on his own.
some people may not get “it” and after “ny to la”,
he desperately needed to re-do his solo brand.
in a world where rappers are appreciated for flexxin’ about cars,
and clothes…
johnny has a battle ahead not to get lost in the shuffle.
lets hope he finds his place to claim his spot.
good luck jc!

see more johnny crome: his website
add johnny to: twitter / instagram
buy “lost world”: itunes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. He is fine as hell. I follow him on Instagram and he comes off like a cool dude. I’ll support!

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