Anthony Davis Gets Spanked And I Think He Liked It

anthony-davis-unibrowanthony davis has been a bad boy.
so much so that back when he played for the kentucky wildcats,
his teammate had to spank that butt.
no dead ass…

lowkey i’m usually like that after a good spanking.
i feels him.
more so begging for more.
oh… right.
aint about me.
oh ok so…

tumblr_mm5g7tBAP11ql5yr7o1_500yeah uh…
maybe they were hazing him?
he missed the game winning shot?
he didn’t eat his veggies?
either way: “wow”.
judging from the look of pure enjoyment on his face,
i doubt this will be another “jonathan martin” case in the making.
looks like typical locker room antics.
nothing to see here.

lowkey: i wonder if his arch nemesis kevin ware

… saw the footage yet?
thanks to the f-bi who sent me this late night “wow”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Gets Spanked And I Think He Liked It”

  1. -_- wow SN: can he trim his damn eyebrows they look like they got married lol smh it’s like men in sports do the gayest things, yet most of them are homophobic *kanye shoulder shrug* ironic!!!!

  2. That wasn’t the best video, the full video shows his (small) dick on the hard as his teammates scream “look at that dick”, “he got a red ass dick”.

    1. LMAO…As a man who likes men I would have loved to get a free spank of a straight dude lol. I’m a fan of Anthony’s,and all, but why won’t he do something about that bottom row. Damn!

  3. whoever was spankin’ him got a chuck of that butt cheek in his hands lol
    am i the only one who likes the sound of butt cheek slappin?

    he carrying a vienna tho.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that butt cheek grab, too. Loved the way that hand copped a nice feel as it slid in between those cheeks.

  4. Kevin Ware claims he didn’t write those tweets and that he has no beef with AD. apparently AD’s ex-gf is Ware’s current gf

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