Jesse Williams For President (Everyone Else Go Home)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.28.24 PMcan we talk about jesse williams now?
actor by day; super hero by fight.

you know i had to give him a special entry.
how amazing was his speech last night at the 2016 bet awards?
he was there to accept his humanitarian award,
but who knew he came to give the black community a much needed dragging?
if you didn’t watch,
or did,
i want you to see it as many times as possible…




i found it amusing they showed that on nickelodeon.
the cubs were going to learn a quick lesson last night.
parents all over the world probably got a lot of questions.
after i watched his speech,
i was shaking.
vibrating almost.
that was one of the most powerful speeches i have heard in a long time.
it takes a certain level of confidence to walk up on a stage,
accept an award,
drag everyone in the audience,
and ( x walk off ) with the power fist up.

giphymy wolf gonna tell these rappers they “getting money to get branded”.
if that isn’t the truest form of “bow down” if i ever saw it.
i am highly impressed with his gusto.
he had me side eyeing everyone all day.
i don’t think the ones who needed to hear the message comprehended it.
i’m sure they were clapping,
but it was going over their heads like a jumbo jet.
they had to realize he was dragging them?
well i’m glad i’m woke enough to get “it”.
i’m sure the foxhole did as well.
one thing that i had to wonder

Why is it that light,
or married to snow bunnies are the most vocal about racial issues?

well jesse’s parents should be proud.
they raised a fighter and a natural born leader.
i don’t even think he cares if he never acts again.
there is more blessings in what he is doing for “us”.
we should all stand behind him with this fight.
he will have rocks thrown at him,
but we needed to be armed in his defense.
who knew the revolution started last night.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Jesse Williams For President (Everyone Else Go Home)”

  1. It truly was something to see! I did think he looked like he had something on his mind everytime the camera panned to him(he was barely smiling, if at all) , who knew! That dragging for all those entertainers tho!

    1. ^i think he was not impressed with the foolery.
      i don’t blame him.
      did anyone see the guy shooting out himself during jessie speech in the red shirt?
      as soon as the camera panned on him,
      he chose that moment to sell himself.

  2. His speech was INCREDIBLE! Omg. I loved that he called entertainers out. That takes so much bravery. I also appreciated that he did a shout out to black women. I wish more would use their platform to be vocal and take action on issues that affect us as a whole.

    1. ^i’m glad someone defended our sistas.
      they been feeling the brunt end of the stick with certain black wolves.
      hopefully it will be in again to raise up our sistas and not latinas and the racially ambiguous.
      the “big stupid ass” trend can die too.

  3. He DRAGGED everyone in that room. EVERYONE. lmaoo

    Unfortunately, I really do think it went COMPLETELY over the heads of those who needed to hear it most. smh

    Shit. That man excites me. I was literally doing the church clap as he accepted his award.

    I wish more were like him. I really do. It would make a significant difference.

    1. So many of these black celebrities think that just because white people throw money at them they are RESPECTED. When in reality they just want you to entertain them. As long as you shuck and jive the way THEY want you to, they’re happy.

      Look how they did Beyonce when she finally spoke up. They HATE that shit. Which means they never RESPECTED her to begin with.

      Use those platforms to FORCE change.

      1. ^i started seeing it myself at work.
        its all good when you are one way,
        but as soon as something happens,
        they will turn on you with the quickness.
        you got 3.5 seconds to get all your receipts in order before they bury you.

  4. He definitely had an amazing speech, I don’t know if this is the time or place for this but dude had me horny. When I see a dude who is passionate about something and they know what their talking about, whew baby the way that man spoke.

  5. I have been a fan of Jessie for a long ass time I have known about the work he has been doing for the community for awhile. His speech was a high point last night he is one of those Celebs that is the perfect definition of Actions speaking louder than words. Not only does he talk the talk but does the hard work to back it up a lot of people not just the celebs in that room last night can take a page of out this book.

  6. He went in! LOVED that comment about spending/getting money to wear a brand when we’ve been branded all our lives! Awesome!

  7. Unfortunately a lot of people on black blogs are saying Jesse isn’t really “Black” either because his mother is white or he looks racially ambiguous.He identifies as black,he advocates for civil rights,he has a black father….Also he understands he is privileged because of the way he looks ,he has access to information and places that a darker skinned person doesn’t.He has talked about white people talking about blacks in his presence when they don’t realize he isn’t white.

    It’s funny how SOME people will say he isn’t black because he has a white mother but will call Obama ,Halle Berry ,Alicia Keys,Jussie Smollett,J.Cole,etc black when they all have a white parent.

    1. I agree. Our community is known for claiming our people, no matter how little black they have in them and at the same damn time, denouncing them for not being black enough. Especially the ones who can really pass as white such as Mariah Carey and Blake Griffin. It sucks and we really have to get it together.

      1. They only attack people who can pass as white when they feel they are at a disadvantage when compared to them. You can eliminate all white people right now, and you have some people who will divide their own race based on skin complexion, it is sad. .

  8. That was one of the most beautiful, powerful, and inspirational speeches I have ever heard. I am glad that he used that platform to speak his true feelings in front of his own people, even though some did not appreciate it. As surprising as it may be to some, you had some black folks who were not here for it, and there were even some who did not even want to understand it. I do not know whether Jessie’s mom is white or not, and I will not look it up because it really does not matter. At the end of the day he is not fully white, light skinned or not, Jessie is still a minority.

  9. The speech was incredible, I did not view the awards, but I have saw the speech today online. What is incredulous to me is that so many Black folks are coming for his head on social media calling him a double agent, and saying he is trying to brainwash us back to the plantation, and he cant be trusted because he is a Mulatto. Wow are yall freaking serious out here. This man works, history and legacy speaks for itself. I did not realize that its this notion that light skin Black folks are not really Black enough to speak up about important social issues that affect our community as if Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Huey Newton, Angela Davis, Kathleen Cleaver and a long list of others who all spoke out and who all had lighter skin hues but were all still 100 percent Black were not qualified to say anything about the racism they all experienced even with their lighter skin tones. Skin color has nothing to do with anything, if nothing else in America, slavery taught us that. As someone who has the same skin tone and even color hair as Jessie I can say first hand that many times darker Black folks will shade you without ever giving you a chance, I have experienced it my whole life. In any Black American family there are so many beautiful shades of us and to throw hate within your own group can leave some deep scars. I use my little voice to speak us for all. I am no less Black because I have light skin, America does not give a damn, a drop of Black Blood makes you Black in this country. It is so much division in our community that if things were ever leveled and made fair would it even matter because so many of our people will still have something negative to say and to complain about. Sadly, some of this same rhetoric is used against Black Gays of Color who are activist.

    1. I think what some feel is that the lighter you are and you speak out about black struggles it’s not viewed the same way someone Wesley Snipes black would be viewed. It’s like the Boondocks episode with Huey at the garden party. No ones going to call Jesse the Angry Black Man. It’s a level of relatable and easier on the eyes to viewers. When this is televised so many stations are stuck on viewership that’s it’s one spectrum or another. Either your dignified and articulate like Jesse where shit will go over the averaged persons head or they’ll bring a polar opposite and sometimes darker skinned and over talk that individual forcing them to raise their voice and yell and be rushed to even get a point a crossed.

      1. I think the greater focus that needs to be brought to attention is sure he said something that isn’t new. We’ve been hearing the same thing for decades and as a people were not doing anything to change or situations for ourselves and that’s an issue. We can sit and talk until we’re blue in the face but it’s always going to be same shit different toilet, flush and repeat. How bout trying to fix the mentality of our self worth as a people and the value of each other’s lives in our communities than the constant black enough debate.

  10. Fantastic speech! What a pleasant surprise! I didn’t really know anything about him, and I’m impressed! He never really did it for me, but this does change things. We really need to hear more of this rhetoric from more of us. There are a lot of problems in our community that we need to address, but he did a great job getting that conversation started.

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