So I Watched The 2016 BET Awards and Well…


honestly speaking…
i enjoyed the 2016 bet awards.
everything was pretty solid.
from beyonce opening the show,
all of the prince tributes,
and jessie william’s epic speech.
it was a very well put together event.
good job bet!
you saved me ripping you all a new one for any disrespectfulness!
so my thoughts were…

-they had the bet awards playing on every viacom channel.
nickelodeon included.
i hollered.

what prince song was erykah badu singing?

what was aun-t taraji randomly talking about?
i was so confused with her monologue.
i know it was about “lemonade”,
but what did that have to do with who she was presenting an award to?

why did the rapper’s have such short performance sets?
then again…
i have no complaints about that.

alicia keys
has it come to this?
i was completely bored.
it was like something out a high school talent show.

-i think bryson tiller can get my drawz.
i was confused at his set,
but he can get my drawz.

bilal was trying to be aunt patti rolling around on that floor.

patti-labelle-isn-t-it-a-shame-oi  loved every minute of it.
he sang my song,
“the beautiful ones”,

keith powers.
starring in that new edition movie.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.07.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.07.57 PM

23 years old.

i love my usher,
lord knows i do,
but what was that?
i feel like they don’t know what to do with usher.
he is way too legendary for that performance.
he should have performed “crush” with yuna and then “crash”.
i felt he was trying to keep up with those young crunkers.
he lost.

she put her all in that performance.

1c4a426b-4f0b-46f5-a565-8c90b4b3872cwhere is that hoe who said she wouldn’t be able to do it?


















aec52766-ece1-4ae8-ab3c-0b7ed6e38007sheila got the last laugh.

…and that’s it.
tracee ellis ross and anthony anderson did an amazing job again.
i’ll take more of this improvement for next year bet.
i pray one day my foxy ass will be a press invite.


Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “So I Watched The 2016 BET Awards and Well…

  1. No Limit is good in and of itself but trying to sing it live while dancing was a bad decision. If he would have lip synced it, it would have been much better. To me, it is his best song since Don’t Mind.

  2. The BET Awards never disappoint in my opinion. Definitely one of the better (if not best) award shows out there. Bey did a great job (per usual) and I loved all the Prince tributes.

    But Mr. Keith Powers in that red. I had to do a double take at the TV screen. Lordt.

    And y’all will stop slandering Alicia lol. I will not allow it.

  3. Aunty Erykah let me down , for a while in the beginning i thought her mic wasn’t working , Usher’s performance was so lackluster i think I zoned out and only came to when it was over lol . I really love Bilal and Sheila E !

  4. Yes Jamari I agree with everything you just wrote. I love Taraji but she was rambling about much of nothing, I was looking at the tv the same way Maxwell was looking at her. Jennifer Hudson killed Purple Rain, even though she tends to do to much sometimes. SN: I don’t know what Jennifer was wearing. The rap performances were blah for me. I was not here for Bobby Brown tired delusional run down looking ass, he could of stayed home. I loved Mrs. Tina staying there and accepting Beyoncé awards for her. You can tell she is a very proud mom and which she should be, her daughter is something truly special. I loved when she spoke about giving our entertainers their flowers when they here instead of when their dead. Michael and Whitney was always scrutinized know everyone misses them. Seeing all the Prince tributes, and seeing his flashback performance with Stevie Wonder really hit me that he is gone. I love Tracee and Anthony hosting they are so good. I never knew Tracee was so funny, the bet awards has gotten better in the last few years, lets hope they continue getting better.

  5. Last night was for sure one of BET’s better award shows. Its in my top 5 I thought the prince tributes were great except for Jennifer Hudson. She is a great powerful singer but when she started singing purple rain ☔ I couldn’t I wish they had let someone else sing that song.

    Tori Kelly and Stevie did ok even if she looked spooked until she got the guitar. I prefer her voice singing more soulful music not pop.

    I’m not that knowledgeable with princes earlier works so I really can’t fault Mrs.Badu for dong a song I’ve never heard before.

    Bilal was a sexy beast who channeled all of prince last night.

    I thought keith powers looked sexy as hell last night so I googles him and wasn’t as impressed with what I saw. I guess my screen did something to him. IDK he’ll probably change me mind in the New Edition mini series next year .

    Alicia keys and Usher were the biggest Let downs last night. I am not feeling this new sound Alicia Keys is trying to push forward on us. To be honest I haven’t been impressed with a live performance of hers since her performance with all the 90 girls groups some time ago. I feel like Usher is way past his prime to be doing that performance he gave us last night. Along with the fact you could barley hear what he was singing about, he could have let that to Chris brown.

    Bryson deserves all his awards because they play his stuff on the radio down here all the time. I really would call him a singer tho he does more of that new age kind of r&b. He didn’t do a bad job I just wasn’t moved by his performance.

    By far my favorite prince tributes were janelle Monáe and Shelia E. Janelle did a great job with all the songs she did and Shelia WENT TO TOWN ON THAT STAGE. I was literally jamming with her .

    Tracee and Anthony were not as good as they were last year ever time they came on stage the comedy seemed forced and corney.

  6. Erykah sang Ballad of Dorothy Parker from Sign O the Times.Bilal told TMZ he was scheduled to sing another song but Questlove asked him to change songs Saturday,so he only had one day to get it ready.Jennifer’s outfit was an homage to an outfit Prince wore to 2005 People’s Choice Award.Beyonce has a concert in the UK Tuesday June 28 so that’s why people were doubting she would appear at BET Awards.With the time difference, the long flight and jet lag I’m surprised she decided to do the show.
    I’m pissed at these idiots calling Tina a liar for her saying Beyonce needed to fly to London,they failed to look at the schedule to see Beyonce has two shows in UK BEFORE the London shows.

    I thought the comedy writers who wrote the jokes for the presenters missed the mark,they were corny and not funny.I’d give the show a B-/C+.My favorite performances were Beyonce/Kendrick,Bilal,Jhud,Sheila E.I also noticed there weren’t many popular stars in the audience for some reasons

  7. That No LIMIT song by Usher is pure trash. It’s not worthy of an artist of his stature.
    Honorable mentions goes to:

    Maxwell – love him but he seemed old and tired onstage.
    Jennifer Hudson – she truly stirred ny soul with her tribute.
    Janelle Monae – the best performance of the night in my humbled opinion.

    Jessie Williams speech – um sorry but I was not in the mood to hear “white people” are still our biggest problem when we have genocide taking place in cities like Chicago and other urban areas. This is not 1962 Jessie.

      1. del365

        Remind me again of what freedoms or liberties you’re not enjoying in 2016? Are you being held captive by someone? Are you being prevented from earning a living and obtaining an education by someone? And if so, who is he or they? *rolls eyes*

        My ancestors didn’t have a choice when they were enslaved centuries ago. You have a choice to be “mentally enslaved” in 2016 if you choose it..

        I choose not!

  8. I enjoyed everybody except for Designer, Future and Anthony Anderson coon ass.

    Jessie Williams came through we definitely need to follow his example it’s ok to have fun and clown sometime but now is not the time we need to be serious.

    Beyonce was great and so was Erykah, Bilal, J Hud, Stevie and Janell Monae but Shelia E took the trophy for the night she kilt it now that’s what you call TALENT!

    I enjoyed the new talent Beyonce’s little group and Anderson .Paak.

    Overall: A-

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