Jaye Hardbody Is Still Holdin’ Up

tumblr_o7zqlhB1RX1u7zp6go1_1280oh damn.
another foxhole fav,
jaye hardbody,
has cum into fruition.
i swear he looks like idris elba.
that towel looks like it’s holding up a lot.
we still don’t have a dr on file for this one?

lowkey: clearly…
it’s memorial “male species appreciation” day within the foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Jaye Hardbody Is Still Holdin’ Up

  1. I was ’bout to say J!!!! What the hell
    is going on!?!? LMAO!
    I’m tryin’ to focus on gettin’ some baked beans and fine man after fine man keeps poppin up in my email…

    1. Sadly a lot of these bodybuilding supplements can make you go bald early before your time especially when you take large quantities of said supplements.

  2. I still live for him. There was a rumor out that he did a solo vid. I got some gifs that may be from the video. Jeremy has even walked a couple of balls.. for body, of course. Sexy mofo…

  3. DR? Dick report? Online I’ve seen a picture of pictures of him nude showing his manhood. I’m surprised that you, Jamari Fox, have not seen it or them.

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