D. Jones Likes It Raw, Rugged, and Rough

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 5.03.50 PMyou know i love a wolf that has a tactical weapons section in his closet.
on some “mr and mrs smith” type of situation.
i do.
well i featured this wolf this morning and was hit with his ig.
from that point on,
i went exploring through his wolf den.
everyone meet d. jones,
the ceo of “battle district supply company”


as you can see,
he is very active in these forests.
he looks like he has a passion for adventure.
he is also a marine corps vet.
he made a clothing company for the rough wolves/hyrbids/and foxes.
the ones who want to climb trees,
jump off shit,
and eat with their paws.
you know those types.
probably will fuck on a mountain,
in front of goats,
as the full moon shines on your sweaty fur.
according to the “battle district supply co” company statement:

“Who is Battle District?

Let’s cut to the chase! BATTLE DISTRICT is for those people who consider a dope colorway of basketball shorts or well-constructed pair of sweatpants proper attire for most events. Where comfortably trumps all, but a dope design is required. Being active is unconsciously ingrained in us, so naturally everything we do, think, will-be and WEAR is active oriented. We dress fly & We are always active; Fly Active and here at Battle District we band together.

Why you sell the items you sell?

Battle District sells products that keep you looking great; FLY, and maintains comfortably when being physical; ACTIVE; Thus the slogan ‘Fly Active’.  Products Battle District supplies are not only designed to garnish attention and compliments, but also will hold-up when preforming physical activities.

very nice.
i’ll allow it and more of d. jones.


shop “battle district supply company”: website
pictures/videos credited: d. jones

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “D. Jones Likes It Raw, Rugged, and Rough”

    1. My British accent was social experiment and fun; glad you enjoyed it though. I use my everyday accent now. The British accent will make an apprenence in the future. I’ll share more videos so you can hear my day-to-day accent.

  1. Wow. I’ve been following this KING since he was in the Marines when he only had a couple hundred followers. Now he has a clothing line and is being featured in the foxhole. His star is rising like crazy. I don’t get an “attentionisto” vibe from him tho, and I’m glad. If he posts a pic with his shirt off it usually fits within the context of what he’s doing at the moment. He just not out here in these skreets half naked for nothin……

    1. 100% Appreciate this!! I try to keep everything in context. I’ve deleted content/media off social media because it was out of context numerous time. My brain and body have to balance out. I’ve been trying to flex the brain aspect more lately, and give people view of my mental.

      Thank you for the following since the Marine Corps days to now; you’ve seen a crazy evolution. I’ve learned so much from then to now. Thank you for riding.

    1. Thank you and Thank you again. Took me awhile to love my dark skin, but it came as I got more confidence and secure with myself which; partially comes with age. I love my black as well as I love all shades and skin tones

  2. I see my Bae Lorenzo Everhard is jogging in the white tights along side him, I guess all the gym boys hang and stick together. I just went to the website and ordered a shirt, also ordered some products from another link in the grooming entry a couple of weeks ago from a Black owned company named Keith Clark collection. These dudes need to contact the foxhole for sponsorship to be featured. I try to get at least one item if I can from every Black owned business I run across if they got a product I would normally get in the store anyway. The foxhole stay keeping us up with the latest. I will let you all know about the products. J you may need to start a weekly product review feature and have some of these businesses contact you to be featured for a small fee of course LOL, and hear our feedback and how to order their products.

    1. Enzo has been a brother to me. He has ideas, visions, and concepts on life that are different from mine which help me be a more well round person. We are “gym boys” but the connection is beyond the muscle.

      Thank you for ordering the shirt!! You’re going to like it. The ‘R & R’ design is the first design/product that truly was created with the vision I have for ‘Battle District Sply Co.’

      Marketing and advertising has been my biggest challenge, this post (Thank You J. Fox) and your comment is very supportive. I’m all about Constructive Criticism, Camaraderie, and Collaboration.

  3. There’s nothing better than a KING who is educated beyond just his physical persona…love it. A man with sustenance is hard to find…Blessings on him and lord forgive me i was drooling when the brother with the white ran beside him…LAWDDD lol

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