D. Jones Likes It Raw, Rugged, and Rough

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 5.03.50 PMyou know i love a wolf that has a tactical weapons section in his closet.
on some “mr and mrs smith” type of situation.
i do.
well i featured this wolf this morning and was hit with his ig.
from that point on,
i went exploring through his wolf den.
everyone meet d. jones,
the ceo of “battle district supply company”
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The Battle Uphill is Rough on My Paws

sky_and_mountain_background_by_nikiv_stocktoday was a rough day.
i almost found myself just giving up.
i am extremely tired.tired of everything.
i just got in from another long ass day.
i have no voice or thoughts.
i can say i am absolutely depressed.
i want to try this alone thing tonight.
lana del rey.
a few tears.
lets talk tomorrow?