Do You Think Hakeem Got Sum “Drip Drop (Drip Drippity Drop)”?

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 4.31.38 PMit’s pretty obvious hakeem,
aka bryshere y. gray,
is getting non stop pussy off his fame from empire.
he uploaded this video on snap chat and unless…

…that was a mannequin,
he probably got some:


…in that beautiful shower.
i don’t blame him.
get it while it’s hot.
i know i would.
i like that haircut on him.

lowkey: snapchat is the new ratchet.
24 hours is where you ratchet lives and dies.
too bad you can’t screenshot without getting caught up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Do You Think Hakeem Got Sum “Drip Drop (Drip Drippity Drop)”?

  1. My best friend thinks he’s the finest man walking. I just don’t see it. But his career is really growing.

  2. Love his personality I think he’s a cutie but because he looks so young I could never get it either. My sister swears that’s her man tho

      1. Est. 1996 – haha I see you’ve been paying attention to some of my musings. Yes, I would blow Bieber’s back out, but I waited years before even looking at him in that way. Bieber thirst traps almost every month. He wants it 😜. As for the Empire boys, give me Andre or Jussie. I don’t want to smell your mother’s milk when my tongue is down your throat.

  3. He doesn’t do it for me either! He’s nice looking, but meh, I’ll take Jussie or Trai! Mhm!! I’m leaning more towards Jussie these days though

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