Jason Derulo Shows His Ass

Jason Derulo wants you to know he has something you may want…

I swear,
I’ve seen this same pose on BGC like 20 gahzillion times.

What is his deal?
Ask me one of his songs and I’ll draw a complete blank.
I always get the impression he is a Fox playing Wolf.
Maybe I am wrong…




maybe I was wrong.
*dripped in hot sarcasm*

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Shows His Ass”

  1. Nice body, cute butt – s’alright face.

    I always wondered if they tape the peen to the leg for shots like this, so it doesn’t make a cameo appearance…

  2. lol he’s a nice looking dude. Not really a fan of his music though. I’m a fan of that ass though..lol

  3. Face is aiight, body is nice. Ass is average which surprises me because haitian men usually have phat asses. I like my asses a little rounder, higher and juicer. 😉

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