Now Viewing: Nicki Minaj “Super Bass”



Fox Thoughts?
I needed more meat from those Wolfs.
Still #confused.

7 thoughts on “Now Viewing: Nicki Minaj “Super Bass”

  1. It’s cute. But I can not stand an indirect bite: Look, fashion. Hmmmm

  2. Actually, it’s pretty good & even realtively clear…especially for a Nicki video. I haven’t seen too many video that make sense recently anyway. Like the song…and the booty 😉

  3. The men was hot. The song was ok. The song didnt fit with what was going on in the video. Did i mention the menses was hot

  4. I fucking love her!!!! Did u see those heels??? Jesus! She’s amazing. And the boys she had in the video? I appreciate when fysh allow men to be sexy in their videos.

  5. kick as nicki next time can i get in that pink pool with you and all that meat

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