J. Cole Is A Lost One I Wouldn’t Mind Finding

Can I just be the first to say that I love J. Cole’s music?

He is a very talented Wolf.
I like every song on his album especially Nobody’s Perfect with my missing in action fav, Missy Elliott.


But, J has a new video for a song with a powerful message…


This song makes me think.
I am sure many Wolves can relate with what he is talking about.
Now, I have never been in any situation as he is speaking about, but the beat and melody provoke thought.
And, um J. Cole…

Yes Daddy….

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “J. Cole Is A Lost One I Wouldn’t Mind Finding”

  1. Serious video #2. Really gets you thinking…his style though i’m not really into it. Seems like he is dragging or something…

  2. LOL I travel in some pretty exclusive circles and I pretty much know a lot about most of the peeps you guys dool ova lol. Let me put it this way I never heard of a total top in the music industry lol. If the brother gets down he is either a verse brother or a bottom brother.

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