Mark Ingram Chest Looks Better Shaved

I have spoken on this Baller Wolf before.
His cousin or sister even came in the Foxhole to defend him.
I thought he was a teddy bear…
… but judging from this pic, he is full blown GRIZZLY BEAR.

Just how I like em.

Mark Ingram already started swimming in the groupie pool.
He was sexting some random ho and she decided to send his picture to where else?
I don’t know what these whores get out of doing this?
Maybe a Ho-Gon-Scorned?

Anyway, who knew he had this little body under that uniform…

Well well Mark.
Things suddenly started looking up for you in the Foxhole.
I wonder if your sister will make another guest appearance in the comments again?

9 thoughts on “Mark Ingram Chest Looks Better Shaved

  1. I would’ve never thought he was that nice based on his head. RBs usually have at least a muscle booty – they need to power those legs…lol

  2. Stocky build. The ass is prob beautiful. I was watching a porno today with this stocky, kinda chubby dude. Straight porn. Dude was screwing ol girl and one of the crew members or camera guy or somebody screamed out damn you got a phat ass….Or something like that. It caugt him off guard. He covered his ass with his hand and continued to fuck. Don’t knw why I brought this up. I’d never seen no shit like…I guess cuzz Mark has a similar build only more muscular…But again I say…I bet the ass is phat…

  3. he is cute but by the way he looks in pads and other pics he looks a lot bigger and cut. oh well as long as his lil cute chipmunk ass keep running the ball hard he can always crash at my pad

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