Someone Remind Soulja Boy That He Is Not Chris Brown



He is not:

He looks like a dusty crackhead with that hair color on his head.
When you are desperate, you do anything huh?
Soulja is one person whose career never impressed me.
Sure, I liked Donk and Crank Dat… but I was never impressed.
I knew he would burn out sooner or later.
I guess it wasn’t that pipe is he was sharing with Kat Stacks…

And furthermore, why is HE in the remake for Juice?

2pac is somewhere getting ready to haunt him.

7 thoughts on “Someone Remind Soulja Boy That He Is Not Chris Brown

  1. will he just disappear already? he obviously doesnt like that he isnt the center of attention anymore and he has to keep doing stupid shit to try to remain relevant! ugh!

  2. Its scary how many butch queens went blond after chris(tina) did. I wonder if it was the same way when sisqo went metallic? I don’t think so…

  3. OMG I was going to say the same thing a straight up CRACKHEAD LMAO “Ill suck yo dick for 2 dollars”

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