It’s All About The Money!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.17.47 AMi mean…
who didn”t see this coming?
so floyd “money” mayweather won another fight.
surprise surprise?…

and whats with this one:

CEDSyquVAAEn1Je…always there to support him?
anyway i wasn’t gonna watch,
but since my career is to be “in the know”,
i knew i had to find a live stream and get to watching.
one thing i will say is floyd is a tactical fighter.
he has excellent foot work.
i am always impressed as his talent.
i think my thing is we should all know how his fights will go.
mayweather will wear his opponent down and then go in for the kill.
although he didn’t knock out pacquiao,
he sure did bring his energy down for his defeat.
48 fights and every forest should know this.
i was left kinda bored watching it.
i think i would have been more excited watching the t.i. fight instead:

tumblr_mxxth6l95g1sgdbw4o1_500well floyd said that his last fight is in september.
he is retiring after that.
i’ll definitely allow it.
better to bow out gracefully,
and on top,
than start looking like a fool.

CEDrGuCW0AAx19plowkey: all their tax and bill money wasted on that?
i bet pineapples in vegas eating appetizers and sleeping in tubs just to attend.
kudos to those who bet and won tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “It’s All About The Money!”

  1. Really wanted PAC to win! Wouldn’t it be some shit if he lost his last fight? And I doubt anything going on with him and beiber, Floyd looks like he doesn’t have an ounce of gay in him

  2. I expected this after they weighed in Friday and Pac lost the stare down lol. He couldn’t even look at Floyd for three seconds.

    A rematch is in the future tho.

    S/N: I wonder if anyone got freaky in Vegas this time around? LOL. I know dudes were out there.

  3. I knew Pacquiao wasn’t going to win because now that’s he older he said he can’t fight like he used to and he been complaining about his joint pain he been having. So of course he was going to lose

  4. This fight was some straight up B.S. boring as hell. The fight party I went too though was off the damn chain, thanks to a str8 friend who invited me. I went with a fly vixen, had my tight T’shirt on showing off my guns, I been working on this spring, and walked up in the spot and got all kinds of glances. I was even saying to myself, DAMN, lots and lots of single nice looking dudes who were supposedly straight were great eye candy all night long, even caught one brother looking my way, of course its always in a setting where you cant make a move lol. It is always so different hanging at a str8 event, I notice nice looking str8 dudes who would be A-1 prime if they switched over have less hangups about how a female looks if she is dressed nice, got some weave and a somewhat decent shape. Gay men are so different in their attractions. Sometimes I think that may be the attraction to some straight dudes is that if they ever did consider getting with you, they wouldnt judge you as harshly as a Gay dude would about your looks and body.
    S/N I had no clue that Mayweather was so damn short and small. I was literally shocked when they showed his stats. I was like GTFOH, are you serious. This dude is fun size, I was his size when I was 12.

  5. Ok. He’s retiring in September. I hope all of his taxes have been paid and that he does not blow through his money…because the way he likes to floss, his financial downfall would be inevitable.
    I hope his house is in order!

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