iSpy: Part 1

I got a few treats for my Foxes.

You know we love looking at fine men and fine men like looking at us?
I got some iCandy for you guys.


Star Fox sent me this one.

Star Fox went to the Carri bean Festival in his state and got his female fox friend
to snap a picture of this delicious specimen.
As the story goes,
he was bouncing his pecs and putting on a show.

I wish we could have gotten live and in living color.


I snapped this beauty.

I was waiting for some Family Fox and Co. and this ticket seller was infront of me.
It was a simple, “smile for Daddy”…. just without him smiling.
You see those cakes?
The arms?

The face was just as nice too.


Family Fox contribution.

Some Yung Wolf with some fat cakes.
I am sure the front looked just as appealing.

And he was shopping at Macys so you know he got some kinda coins…. or allowance.



One of my Foxes sent this to me a while ago.
Been meaning to throw it up.
Couldn’t really see much but he looked very cakey.

(If you got any sexy dudes you caught on iSpy… send em to:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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