Is “The Great White Hype” Is Getting To Iggy Azalea?

IGGYIZELEABOOHOOso you guys have been getting to that iggy azalea chick.
after that cloud nicki minaj placed over her at the 2014 bet awards,
she has been the center of people blowing up her mentions.
well she’s had it!
this is what she posted on instagram about the entire situation…

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 4.07.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 4.07.14 PMlike i said:

Abbey-Lee-Ive-Had-ITshe obviously was paying attention and it is definitely getting to her.
can i be honest?
i can honest say she isn’t a good rapper.
she is “the great white hype”.
the straight wolves only hype her because she is white with some hypnotizing butt cheeks.
ask them if they bought her album?
i’ll wait.
the gays and females only hype her for that “fancy” song and the fact she is #1.
ask them if they’ll attend her concert?
the rest are non nicki minaj fans to round it off.
give me the days of lil kim,
foxy b,
da brat,
remy ma,
and maybe trina on a good day.
hell nicki minaj does okay for herself when she wants.
those are real female mcs who could spit.
this snow bunny isn’t even on the same pedestal.
she can’t even get a booster seat.

“I said, “Baby, I do this, I thought that you knew this.”
Can’t stand no haters and honest, the truth is
And my flow retarded, each beat did depart it
Swagger on stupid, I can’t shop in no department”

…say what?
even if they all had ghost writers,
they came off at least believable.
they all got on stage and didn’t lip sync.
this snow bunny goes from  “australian proper” to  “southern ratchet”.
straight playin’ ‘rybody.
maybe i’m missing it?
can someone fill me in please?

What is so special about Iggy Azalea?

…and don’t give me that “people hating because she is white”.
i stan the FUCK out of eminem.

tumblr_n5ap1u2HeV1rjxbmho1_400iggy’s rant courtesy of: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Is “The Great White Hype” Is Getting To Iggy Azalea?”

  1. Nothing really special about her except that she has a fat ass. I’m not really into her, that’s just how I feel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I like her song fancy(mostly for the throwback video to clueless) I’ve tried to listen to her other songs and I just can’t get in to them.

  3. I never ever comment on your blog I really enjoy reading your posts and the comments, however this post is all around offensive and just rude for no reason. “the great white hope” bit is extremely uncalled for. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she also doesn’t deserve all of the hate she is getting. She hasn’t boasted about have a n1 song she hasn’t been anything but humble yet people continue to try and bring her down. I don’t see any blogs bashing 2 chains, soulja boy, wakka flaka, etc.. terrible lyrics yet you decided to find a bad lyric from 1 of her songs to justify how “terrible” she is. The only people bringing color into this are black people. What does her being white have to do with anything? If she was a black chick with the same songs no one would have a problem with it. Iggy has done nothing wrong to anyone yet people keep finding reasons to hate her.

    1. ^thanks for the comment.

      not for nothing,
      but she is the worst female rapper ive ever heard.
      if she was black,
      id also say she was terrible.
      humble has nothing to do with nothing.
      i don’t care what she had to say in her music.
      she is not my cup of tea.
      just like people don’t think rihanna or madonna can’t sing,
      I think Iggy can’t rap.

      1. To each their own. We will just have to agree to disagree. I still love the blog and will continue to read daily.

    2. I’m assuming you’re White because Whites usually stalked Black Blogs and Forums mainly to troll their wicked Ignorance…..but anyhow people’s beef with this woman is about her inauthentic, Rap persona. No one cares about her really being White, people care about her fake “Hood Black girl from the South” Rap persona. She’s An Aussie, King English speaking Broad who rap like she’s from the ghetto….and even talk about shit she knows nothing about. White musicians mimic shit Black Musicians do all the time and by virtue of White Supremacy, get fame for given it a Whiter more acceptable image. Lets not be dumb, Black people have dealt with the Elvis, Timberlakes, etc. Before……we are Fed Up!!!

      1. Leave Justin T. and Elvis alone man. Justin Timberlake is not a mimic that is who he really is. Look at his music with N Sync. He hasn’t changed much since then, but he has evolved into a more mature artist. He is more of a pop singer who can sing some R&B as well. He’s from Memphis, Tennessee, so I’m sure he grew up around black people and associated with them. I’m too young to know about Elvis, but from what I have heard he was the man and did his own shit.

        This is a new era of musicians tho. Iggy and Justin Beiber are being forced down our throats are are singing/rapping about shit they know nothing about.That is what I don’t like.

      2. Actually I’m not white am a black guy who just so happens to like Christina hints the reason she is my pic. But that’s nor here nor there. Music is universal and has no color. Black people do not own rap. Ok she sounds different when she raps than when she talks. Well So did lil kim. Iggy talks about being in the south but i have never claim to be from the south. she has always spoken about coming from Australia then being in the south. You said she raps about things she doesn’t know. Please feed me a lyric. Because she always raps about things she has been through. I’m not saying she is the greatest or anywhere close to the greats but why does she have to keep taking beatings from black people just for making music? You say she is inauthentic but half of these wack ass rappers who rap about drugs killing etc…. Are inauthentic but because they are black according to you this gives them a pass because black people have the only say when it comes to rap.

  4. While fancy is the only great song on the album. I fuck with iggy, she’s a far better rapper than nicki in my opinion. Please dont forget nicki was the same one who sang,



  5. Lol it was said that her butt was bought just like nickis, k Michelle’s, and Kim Kardashian. She is epitome of the things I figured would happen to the female portion of the industry. I told black women they gonna try to replace y’all next but they thought we were hating on old Robin. The saw Iggy and went ballistic. I could just sit and bask in the moment that I was right. I don’t like Em or justin t either the only white Stan I’m for is teena Marie. The rest can kick it.

  6. Iggy not the first or only rapper to make themselves sound diffrent when rapper

    Drake a great example and so many other rappers

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