Medina Islam: One Mo’ Gin


tumblr_mpegtrjJSV1rknrf9o1_500“what chu want me to do,
i’m sorry!” jay-z voice.

you can check out quincy aka medina islam on haves and have nots.
okay good.
back to regularly scheduled blogging…

8 thoughts on “Medina Islam: One Mo’ Gin

  1. Good looking guy in person also. He goes to the gym that I go to!! Nice body!!

    1. Handsome men are a dime a dozen. Look at all the blogs and websites with handsome, attractive black man galore!

  2. What’s with the name? How did he get that name? Medina is a holy place for the religion of Islam. Is he a Muslim? If so, how did he get that way? Through conversion? By birth?

  3. At first I thought that was some Arab guy until I realize it was Quincy. He is fine as fuck.

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