Medina Islam Became A Star As Soon As His Shirt Came Off

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 2.38.03 PMnot to mention his pants…
so i’m supppppppppper late.

since i’ve been so tired because of working on the plantation,
ive been missing out on my shows.
like when did i ever have backed up shows in my dvr que?
anyway i’m now watching #hahn from two weeks ago.
i’m on the episode where thug wolf quincy crawled into veronica’s bed.
i had to pause it when he pulled his pants off…

MEDINAISLAMIJFtumblr_inline_n3u3m1PMtA1rqtv4mmy apologies for “ratchet jamari”.
he doesn’t have home training.
either way,
everyone meet medina islam:

*looks up his bio*
oh he’s from brick city?

that’s newark, nj
Spears-Yikeshe is definitely “hood”.
well after reading his bio,
it seems like medina islam has had quite the story of triumph.
i always liked those.
he was the “thug” who changed his life around for the better.
( x read his bio here )
next to acting,
he also raps as his rap persona,

he currently has music on itunes as you read this.
i’m sure this show will definitely put him on the map.
i mean a fox noticed.
 he was in his drawz,
but hey!
what better way to introduce himself.
margot-robbie-gif-20i’m sure he is straight,
but once i put you onto the foxhole,
lets just say your career started 5 minutes ago.
welcome medina.

lowkey: i want to ask him if “medina islam” is his real name.
i have questions.
yes they are professional pg questions.
“ratchet jamari” will not conduct that interview.

follow medina’s rise: twitter | instagram | soundcloud

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  1. Oh Medina Islam, I truly like him and his physique. Not too big but not too skinny either. His triumph story is very inspirational too. Was listening to some of his songs and they ok.

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