The Baller Wolf Body We Want

oksergenba baller wild african congo wolf,
serge ibaka,
has the body i want.
i dunno about you.
either way,
serge will be in the latest espn 2014 “bodies we want” issue set for release july 11.
all i have to say is damn you keri hilson!
damn you!

x read more about who will also be in the issue here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Baller Wolf Body We Want”

  1. Oh he’s African? Mmmm okay. If I was there I would ask him to help me with reconnecting to my roots. And I prefer oral exams papi 😉

  2. I SAY HOT DAAAAMN!!! *in my Martin voice*

    Got me feeling a lil dehydrated. If I was in that room with him, I’d violate him. My hands would be all up under that towel.

  3. The Man, I’ve seen pictures on line that indicate that he’s packin’ so your hand wouldn’t reach up the towel much before you reach “black gold”. LOL

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