Being The Bad Guy Makes Their Clothes Fall Off

tumblr_lx260u5O701r10ir1o1_500it has taken me a while to realize this key element in life.
i’m sure i knew,
but maybe i was too scared to do it.
some people execute it so flawlessly.
its almost like they intimidate people with this power.
well i did the opposite and look where it has gotten me…

i am the type of person who “believed”,
“ed” key letters,
in being the “nice person”.
i was one of those types who would do whatever to prove that he was.

“i’m not like these other people out here!
i’m one of the good guys!”

KongGif2.gif.CROP.original-originali would proudly puff up my chest and proclaim it to the world.
that is until I’ve “realized” quite recently,
“ed” key word,
that its actually counter productive being “the good guy”.
people love the bad guy.
justin bieber.
chris brown.
kanye west.
our parents.
people respond better when you curse them out,
throw temper tantrums,
and fuck all kinds of shit up.
you cannot be this nice dependable person in 2014.
good guys are something for fairy tales and tyler perry movies.
why is this?
well i know why…


S3Tf2Kzwhy do you think these muscular attentionistos rule supreme?
its not like they are good people doing charity work.
we eat up their vanity and their lack of fucks to give.
they put up a selfie and like clock work,
the same thirsty people respond.
begging and pleading for a little attention.
my new boss is another in a long list of examples.
she has been a raging bitch to me lately.
i have done everything in my power to prove myself to her.
i even caught myself doing extra.
liar liar flips on her,
gives her attitude,
and roll her eyes when she feels threatened…
she gets extra days off and other luxuries.

ashley-wagner-bs1-1i’m fuckin over it.

i’ve been wondering lately this box ive placed myself in.
this claustrophobic box of playing by the rules.
ive gotten places or met people due to being genuinely nice,
but ive also been thrown to the side just the same.
people expect me to be there.
people expect me to “be okay with it”.
people expect me to do everything they wouldn’t do with someone else.
god forbid i even disagree just the slightest.
sadly i do it because somewhere inside me lies an insecure perfectionist.
someone who doesn’t want to step on toes.
someone who thinks he will be replaced if he doesn’t follow the rules.
ive been asking myself lately,
where has that gotten me?
am i just fed up?
tired of the same ol song and dance i’m use to?
i feel like more comes with being “the bad guy”.
not the “queen” or “really fuckin’ awful” bad guy.
someone who just doesn’t care about anything but themselves.
their feelings.
their world.
until you prove yourself,
you won’t get the luxury of seeing the “good” they have to offer.
i always believe every “bad guy” was a “good guy” once upon a time.

tumblr_mdo9vspece1qbu7lgo1_500so i’m starting to wonder…

Does the “bad guy” have more fun?

5 thoughts on “Being The Bad Guy Makes Their Clothes Fall Off

  1. hey Jamari. Interesting article. Bad guys do not win in the end. Whatever they win is only a shallow victory. Character is what people remember when you die. Do you want to be remembered as the asshole? We all know assholes and we would give them the time of day. If you a BLACK MAN walk down that road believe me you will suffer severely. Chris Brown gets a pass bc he is literally an asset to the record company (they will pull all the strings necessary to keep him on stage making them money).

    Bad guy vs good guy is the difference between an Obama and a OJ Simpson. An Oprah and an Omarosa. Good guys win. They always win. Bad boys are just entertainment. Do you want to be a court jester?

  2. Hey Jamari, keep being the good guy you are. Karma has a way of dealing with those who treat you badly.

    Hopefully, you have already updated your resume. It’s a good idea to do that whenever you start a new job; it’s easier to add to it while on the job versus updating it upon leaving. The other advantage is that the unexpected often happens. You could stumble across something while worki g at your current job. You’ve mentioned how different clients seem impressed with you. Someone may want to extend an offer. It’s always easier to get a job when you are employed. People in relationships get hit on constantly.

    As for this current job: keep doing what you’re doing. From what you say, it’s obvious to everyone, including the bitchy boss, that you are working circles around Liar Liar. Keep focused on the work; stay alert; and, remember to keep your composure as you document and discreetly explore possibilities.

  3. Never get tired of doing the right thing. It will work out in the end. When you are truly nice, some (not all) will notice that and it will work out in your favor. The people who like to get shitted on are used to getting shitted on and all they know is shit. That’s their problem and not yours. It has nothing to do with you honestly. They just don’t recognize when good people are in their presence. You just keep doing the right thing and it’ll work out in your favor. Bet….

  4. Jamari, i feel what you are saying, but please believe when I say, Everything will work itself out in the end. Don’t let other people change who you really are. If you are a good ,decent, reliable person, stay that way. you’re day will come and you will be rewarded for your struggle. You sound like a good guy and believe me, prior to popular opinion, good guys do not finish last. you reap what you sew!!! just hold and be patient and GOD will bring you through this to the other side my friend. take care and keep reaching for the sky, my friend.

  5. Nah. The bad guy does not have all the fun. Bad people are just used to having their way most of the time, and have the impression that they are invulnerable and superior to others because they have been gassed up by people insecure and have self-worth/confidence issues. That is all. Chris Brown keeps getting pass after pass, but his actions are catching up to him man and we are witnessing the shit hitting the fan before our very eyes. His friends, industry people, and people on social media all have an agenda as to why they let him get away with everything instead of checking him. His friends are afraid to put him in his place because they are gold-diggers trying to cash in and gain fame off of his coattails. Once the money and fame are gone, so are these go called friends are gone. They go wherever the wind blows.The industry people give him a pass because they are afraid the majority is still on his side, and if they go against those people, they may be committing career suicide. The people on his social media are mostly women who support him and secretly want a piece of the pipe, I meant pie.These bad people have to face the consequences for the things they have done to other people. Every dog has it day.

    Don’t worry about people who do you harm man. Just keep doing you and you will be fine. Live your life the best way you can.

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