i’m getting this good d, but i’ll be moving on shortly

meeting someone,
who just got out of a long term relationship,
is the pits.
well for you,
it might be the pits.
if the break up is still fresh,
everything will be compared to the ex.
you won’t fully measure up,
but you’ll be a pleasant distraction in the mean time.
realistically tho,
you’re in a rebounding honeymoon phase.
that’s when the sex is usually bomb.

make up,
and “just got out of a relationship” sex is:

you’re something to do “in between”.
“in between” until they meet the next whose like the ex.
i’m in one of those right now…

… but only thing is,
it’s at a job.

the ex = the vixen who left the company last week

she was with them for a year when it first started.
this job is missing it’s ex and they make it obvious.
i’m the “something to do” until they find what they’re looking for.

that’s okay.

it’s the life of being a temp.
some temps come in when the job is single and looking,
while the rest are a couple days/weeks/years of pleasure.
getting comfortable is where you can absolutely go wrong.
i fucked up and got comfortable.
it was the job that i thought i wanted.

physically gorgeous
lots of perks being with them

now that i’m in my right mind tho,
i’m kinda over it.
as much as i liked it there,
i can see how some things would annoy me long term.
this weekend helped me to realize that.

most temp jobs don’t last long.
if it does,
well then great.
sign on the dotted lines and continue that relationship.
a majority usually don’t.
again: that’s okay.
 get the d (dinero),
be good company,
and be ready to move on to the next.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “i’m getting this good d, but i’ll be moving on shortly”

  1. Wow, I am kinda of surprised no one commented under this one. Since I am the first, I wanna just convey this short and sweet. “JAMARI, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!!” You have always and will always be enough. We have to keep that mindset that you are GOOD enough, You are FLY enough, You are SMART enough, You are VALUABLE enough, You are IT! I have found that you have to be like “Donna” from the show Suits in this professional world. Witty, Sexy, Obnoxious accurate about just about everything and well dressed.

    Fuck what came before you. Fuck what comes after you, if anything. You can be obnoxious and leave the impression of yourself on everything, its OK to be obnoxious. I encourage forceful “impressionilization” (not a word but its going be one today). *mic drop*

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