ghosting makes you feel insecure and obsessed like

when work wolf ghosted me,
i was a hot ass mess in these forests.
looking back,
i can see just how crazy i was looking.
check the whole archives.
those days,
i felt like i was losing my whole mind.
when i called karaoke crying one night,
and saw the comments of full draggings on the foxhole,
i knew i was in a whole other dimension.
the crazy part is he wasn’t fucking me and checked “straight”.
see there is ghosting after a one night stand and then there’s…

Ghosting after getting emotionally attached

the ones you call your “friends” can ghost you too.
work wolf,
during whatever that situation was,
was someone who made me feel good about myself.
he was everything i thought i’d want in a wolf.

texting me every single day,
have deep ass conversations,
going out regularly,
open to trying new things,
and saw me for more than just a gay male.
he legit acted like he accepted me for me.

so when he ghosted me,
it fucked me all the way up.

bad enough,
it was at work.
he would walk past me like i was invisible.
he’d put extra sauce on speaking to others while i was there.
he was hanging with these randoms at work.
the worst was hearing how was talking shit about me.
everyone was taking his side as “victim” and believing the story.
he didn’t have social media,
so i couldn’t stalk his page with a fake account.
mine woulda been: pussybegood69
i was constantly talking about him to others,
checking my phone to see if he’d text,
and act like i was doing good in hopes he would see me at work.
when i left that job,
he would constantly stay on my mind.
every song and movie would be a reminder.
it would have me so depressed.
there would be this consistent mental battle of:

“what did i do wrong?”
“maybe i shouldn’t have said/done that?”
“he ain’t shit anyway…”
“fuck him… nah, wait…”
“i thought he was my friend…”
“i hope he falls head first into a volcano…”

i’ve been ghosted before,
but this one…
this one was different because of the “possibility”.
he made me feel like there was a possibility.
i didn’t look at his character tho.
i witnessed him ghost vixens and bad mouth them to me.
everyone “did something to him” to get dismissed,
but what he didn’t realize,
he was the problem and we all shared a story.

last night,
while watching episode “obsessed like” on “insecure”,
i felt so triggered.
everything issa was doing in her ghosting was accurate.
others may judge and laugh,
but i pray they never meet someone that would do that to them. you’re left wondering…

What did I do to deserve this?

that ghosting shit breaks you down.
i hope i always have the balls to tell someone why i’m done.

lowkey: i’m glad that “work wolf” saga helped so many.
i still get emails from those with their own “work wolves”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “ghosting makes you feel insecure and obsessed like”

  1. It just bothers me how someone could be so inconsiderate of another person and their feelings, especially if they claimed to care for you deeply at one point. I think the root of the problem is people cannot handle being confronted.

  2. That episode was so real. I felt triggered, especially when she was telling Molly that she doesn’t know if she’ll ever meet someone who made her feel the way Nathan did. Just about every topic on the show is real life, but this episode was REAL.

  3. Definitively one the best episodes of the show so far, everything Issa was going through I could relate to. Being ghosted is not fun especially when it comes from someone who you thought the world of . It’s funny how when we have that someone in our lives who saw us as more than ___________ once they ghost you start to doubt everything about yourself. It’s like your lifeline to confidence got snapped or something., you start thinking how it’s all your fault or what you could have said or done to be a better version of you for that person so they could have stayed.

    I heard somewhere when you breakup with someone (platonic or romantic) it’s not so much you miss the person but the world the two of you built together that was just yours. It’s just like you said above Jamari certain songs, stores, tv shows, hell even smells can remind you of that person and just like that any kind of work you’re put into moving on goes in the trash. When you open yourself up to someone and share your world it’s hard to go back to that world before, and I totally understand why people are closed off and don’t trust .

    1. ^agreed.

      i don’t think i’ve ever ghosted anyone i’ve had a long term situation with.
      the short term days or weeks yeah.
      anything over a year,
      i have discussed any issues with.
      it’s really a disgusting habit and the ghoster usually gets his/her karma 10 times worst eventually.

  4. I haven’t gotten ghosted, but I’m currently head over heels over someone. He’s on a trip, and I’m obsessing over why he hasn’t contacted me yet (especially when I see that he saw my stories on Insta). Definitely trying to be chill about it, but it’s hard (literally and figuratively!)…I was def feeling Issa…we essentially had the same internal thought process…

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