If I Send a Booty Emoji, What Would He Think?


i liked the emojis on my iphone,
but it seems like i may have asked for more.
probably while sleep or drunk.
apparently kim kardashian has joined the emoji business.
she aptly calls then,
the “kim kardashian reign” just won’t let up?
here are what a few of them look like…


although a few would be good for sexting.
i’m supposed to be hating this.
*shakes fist in air*
anyway kim alleged that the apple app store broke because of her:

nice try kim via hitc

Kim Kardashian’s bottom may have broken the internet earlier in 2015, but her new emoji iPhone app hasn’t yet had the same effect on Apple’s App Store.

Kimoji was released earlier in the week, with celebrity-news site TMZ claiming that “9,000 download requests per millisecond” crashed the App Store until “the Apple tech team swooped in and shored it up”.

Apple has denied the claims, telling AppleInsider that “there were absolutely no issues with the App Store yesterday”. There is no doubt, however, about Kimoji’s popularity: the £1.49 app is currently the top paid iPhone app in the US and UK.

More startlingly, it has broken into the top 10 grossing apps in both countries, and in the UK is currently making more money than lucrative mobile games Candy Crush Soda Saga and Game of War – Fire Age, as well as dating app Tinder.

The app provides Kardashian fans with more than 250 emojis – cartoon faces, nails, makeup and buttocks included – designed to be used within messaging apps including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Its success comes despite low user ratings on the App Store, with the app averaging two stars out of five in the UK and two-and-a-half stars in the US.


who downloaded this app?
step up…


i can see others following in these footsteps in the future.

the possibilities are endless!
but no thanks kim.
my emojs work just fine for my current foolishness.

lowkey: this is good branding tho.
i won’t even hate on kris jenner her hustle.

article taken: hitc

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “If I Send a Booty Emoji, What Would He Think?”

  1. The FIRST to do it always come out as winners! Question though: wouldn’t the person you’re sending these particular emojis to NEED to have the app so they can see the emojis? 😒

  2. Yeah I also heard it’s not for iMessaging or regular texting. Welp. I wasn’t buying anyway. But good branding tactic as well.

  3. The idea is cute I’ll give her that, but if people can’t use it in iMessage or regular texts what is the point?

    P.S. If Rihanna did this and made it available for texting I would be up on it. I can see her having a pot emoji, a middle finger, and a twerking one.😎

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