FACIAL: (26)


bolo looks so handsome here.
i really like his facial.
i know his vixen has to have thick skin to deal with his profession.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “FACIAL: (26)”

  1. I heard a lot of male strippers have dance for me on the dl and are still are doing it If the money is right that include Heat, bolo and etc.

  2. **licks the screen** and your very right, gotta be secure in yourself and the relationship especially with what he does. Think thats why most are single since most women cant handle the spot and the gays lose it if their boo is being touched on.

  3. Let’s be for real…most of these strippers will bang most of the chicks that throw it at them without hesitation. What woman would want a relationship with a man like that? Aww baby, it’s just part of my job. Really?! Yeah…only a dumb ass would fall for a line like that. That ain’t thick skin…that’s stupidity. LOL
    Shyt, the stripper Flava banged some girl in my niece’s bathroom at her baby shower…and she was busted! LOL

      1. LOL Not really sure. All I do know is that it got raunchy as hell at that shower! She showed me, my brother and his wife some of the pics. Girls had his dick in their mouth, him sucking titties, licking kitty kats, etc. I was like WTF?! But the icing on the cake was the girl getting banged by him on the vanity counter in the bathroom. She later told them it was whack….but nonetheless she put herself in that situation.
        BTW…how is it both Flava AND Heat claim the title of NY’s #1 Exotic Entertainer/Dancer?! LOL

    1. Christian your nieces bathroom that’s disrespectful I hope she disinfected her bathroom after that. I wonder if Bolo does things like that with women.. Do you’ll remember when that girl put his big ol ding a ling in her mouth on stage?

      1. @Eric…you better believe Bolo does stuff like that. He loves women with big asses. LOL
        I remember the clip you’re talking about. I said to myself does she have any self respect?!

  4. Bisexual strippers are savages.

    Strippers are savages period, but not worse than the people that pay to go see them.

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