I Haven’t Been Sucked Yet. Is That Bad?

truebloodi have a confession.
i never watched an episode of true blood.
i know.
i know.
tomatoes and pitch forks down please.
everyone else seems to be getting sucked by this show and loving it.
i wanted to ask the foxhole:

Is it a good show and worth the hype?

ya’ll know i love good tv.
i’m thinking of checking it out.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been Sucked Yet. Is That Bad?”

  1. These season was HORRIBLE (mostly because the creator of the show stopped writing for it).
    But season 1-5 was really, really good. It’s addictive.
    I highly recommend it.
    Definitely worth it’s hype.

  2. I watched it for the nudity and some of the actions, but other then that I don’t care much of it. But now that I lost my interest with snow wolves I just don’t watch it at all.

  3. Yea Jamari it’s worth all the hype. Another show that’s ended but you should still watch is SPARTACUS!!!!! Wolves galore. Hot muscled men with full nudity, blood, guts and Xena.

  4. the first few seasons were awesome because of the head writer, Alan Ball, the creator behind the six feet below series, but i’ve heard this season was horrible.

  5. Every gay man I know watches the show but I never have. The premise was just too out there for me. Plus I got hooked on the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Carnival and Sex in the City and just could not do another sbow. But I’m just starting to watch The Wire in DVD and hope to get to True Blood soon…probably this winter.
    Immanuel at dlcinfessionssequel

  6. Yes it is worth the hype. Much like most of TV and movies they take existing books series and put them on screen. On my opinion the sookie stack house books are better but I’m a nerd we read the books first then critique the tv versions lol. I’ve had numerous wet dreams of Jason, Eric, and Aliceed

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