I Felt Him On Me

i saw him as soon as i walked into the train station this morning.
he was a hispanic wolf,
probably dominican,
but what caught me was…

…his height.
he was tall,
and handsome.
you could tell me had some muscle on him.
his white t-shirt was slightly lifted up behind him.
i don’t think he knew it was,
but i saw he was wearing these red draws.
he wasn’t super sagging,
but his pants down by the middle of his bunz.
you could see the curve.

(  Y  )

similar to ^that.
he had tail.
it was plump,
but proportionate to his bawdy.
he was also with a vixen.
it looked platonic,
but i’m sure he has been inside her on a few occasions.
in my head.
well we got into the same train car together.
he walked in first and then i did.
it was packed af,
so we were kinda smushed in there.
i was backing him and he was backing me.
as the train took us all downtown,
that is where it happened.
i felt him on the small of my back.

it was his tail.
i felt all that plumpness on me.
ever so often he would move forward,
but it would also land back on me again.


it felt soft.
i felt it kinda glide on my back at times.
i wanted to be fucked.
by him.
at that moment.

i’m coming home to another packed train again.
this time,
a muscular wolf is next to me.
his arm slighty rests on mine.
i felt the tightness of his skin.
my mouth watered.
we didn’t have a moment like i did with the other wolf tho.
it made me miss the touch of a wolf i’m messing around with.
the way his skin feels since he works out.
how his tail feels when i grab it.
just the feeling of a wolf on top of me.
behind me.
on the side of me.

i miss it

i want to meet someone soon.
i am fiending to get a much needed fucking,
but i haven’t met anyone i’m attracted to,
or feels the same for me.
things are changing tho.
i can smell the attraction of wolves for me.
more than before.
so the more i get comfortable in my fur,
the better i’m getting at sensing wolves who want me.

i’m ready again

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “I Felt Him On Me”

  1. Just keep living your life and continue to vibrate high. You attract what you are. Don’t look for a wolf, just let the universe send you what you need. I can say this because that’s what happened to me. When I stopped trying to find somebody and started to live my life on my terms I met the hybrid of my dreams. Not to get all mushy, but he’s nothing like what I thought I wanted, yet he’s everything I’ve been looking for (it that makes any sense). And remember….. safe sex and paychecks lol

  2. When you’re not looking, it’s like people become emboldened. They do shyt that makes you say are they playing with me or what?
    Then if you are on the lookout for something, you get crickets! LOL

  3. have you ever shared a photo of yourself publicly? I’m interested in seeing you. The way you describe yourself and your interactions with men somehow seems exaggerated to me. I feel like you create this ideal of how you wish things existed or how in your mind, you’d want them to execute. I could be wrong, but I genuinely don’t believe you are who you describe yourself to be. Sorry. No offense whatsoever.

    1. ^thats fine brent.

      im actually not insulted at all.
      i don’t describe myself to be someone sexy.
      you don’t need to apologize,
      but I hope one day that opinion will change.

        1. ^i don’t present myself that anyone other than me.
          i don’t even brag about my looks because i don’t even see myself as attractive like that.
          if i was someone else,
          id be talking about how im fucking everyone.
          i haven’t had sex for a couple years now.
          im actually still scared to fuck anyone after that one night stand.

          i don’t know what brent is seeing tho.

    2. I’m confused. Where did all of these trolls come from all of the sudden? Like really? Really! Are you gonna spend all of your energy and time just talking to someone about who they’re attracted to or not? You know this isn’t a dating website; just a online web blog! *sigh* these pressed children that keep on coming on here are getting on my last nerve.

  4. Wow…I really love how you handle yourself. I don’t need to see you … Your spirit is Amazing.. Your Honesty is refreshing … I’m so glad I ”SEE YOU!!!!!!!”

  5. Part 2… Life is to short my friend.. You are too special to not connect on all levels.. Play it safe.. be selective.. and express your Sensual Sexuality ( Wink)

  6. I’m sure you’re a beautiful person. A lot of dudes look fine on the outside but are rotten within, filled with vanity.

    I say stay strong and firm…like you…I have hot flashes and it doesn’t take much to trigger it. (I’m in the same proximity as college football wolves and all that..) Had to hold my cross today cause I saw a dude running down the side walk.all.sweaty, shirt off, glistening in the sun…sigh

    Keep on living, loving nature and you will get what is due….most likely when you least expect it. 🙃

  7. I commend you for waiting and holding out for what you want but I do think you are much like alot of black gay men in this generation; a single-mindedness about who you want which is usually some muscle bound ,straight acting, unattainable man. Judging by this site, you seem a bit obsessed with that type of guy. What I dont think you understand is that the type of guy you’re pining over comes with alot of bullshit. Do you want it that bad? Realistically, how many gay men do you actually see in healthy relationships with men like that? You’ve probably come across plenty of guys who would have been good to you and for you but you probably curved him because he didn’t have a abs, pecs, or that run-of-the-mill “attentionisto” look. But good luck to you though.

    1. You are so correct. We fantasize about a certain type of guy and reality seldom lives up to the fantasy. But, I still wouldn’t say its unattainable. I found my fantasy guy when I least expected to.

    2. They’re not unattainable. They probably don’t go for the BS which I’m sure comes their way.
      It’s all in the presentation and approach. If you come at them nicely, they’ll talk to you.
      If you come at them wrong, which a LOT of guys do…you’ll get blocked. LOL
      Even the finest mofo would entertain a regular dude if the regular dude carries himself well.

  8. Jamari… your site Covers a Broad Range of topics…And ain’t nothing wrong with the type of guy you like or desire.. Ignore others who try to gauge your love life and , or Likes…. I mean Really???? ha ha.. We like what we like.. And having been a Model .. Good things can come in good packages ( Bad as well)

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