I Bust (ed)

so i did it…
i bust (ed).

this is harder than i thought.
pun kinda intended…
(this entry is NSFW,

i broke my “no jack off” fast last night.
i jacked off a total of 9 times.
new record.
i couldn’t sleep and i had a lot on my mind.
i was thinking a lot about work wolf.
i thought about what went down the other day.
i started thinking about what “make up” sex would be like.

tumblr_nox9xsop3N1svuo5ro1_500the fantasy alone…
thats when an overwhelming presence of “horny” washed over me.
next thing you know my legs were cocked up to the side and i’m…
done deal.

i had to wonder if i am mentally strong?
do i lack focus?

sure i’ve been jackin’ off since i was a cub,
but i should be able to try a lot harder than i am.
i might be doing that “too hard“on myself thing that i do.
lord knows i have been for the last few days.

i’ll jack my brains out this weekend and start fresh on monday.
this time,
i’ll go for a whole month and not just a week.
*looks down at crotch*

lowkey: i busted the biggest nut,
i even squirted.
i can only imagine what a month will bring.
i will say my sexual energy was at an all time high last week.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “I Bust (ed)”

  1. The longest I’ve gone is 12 or 14 days when I was really sick. Let me just say this, when I finally did, it was a big ass mess.

    I’ve never gone 9 TIMES! That sounds painful. The most I’ve done in one day is 3…

  2. Omgosh you are my support! I have decided to abstain from jerking and it’s been pretty hard right before I go to sleep too. I feel like I can’t sleep now bc I been abstaining urgh! But I’ll try to hold out

  3. I think my longest abstinence was 21 days. But 9 time especially though J, you were backed up! Lol

  4. Wait why are you waiting so long though? If you have such a high sex drive then it sounds almost painful to wait that long lol! Are you sure that is healthy for you?

    Waiting a month sounds a bit extreme for someone who can go at it nine times in one day! O.O (Thats insane!) Let it out if you need to man! There’s nothing wrong with once every other day! lol!

  5. A month sounds a little extreme I don’t know if I would be up for the challenge. Good luck tho.

  6. Honestly I see nothing wrong with a good but. I jackoff at least once a day. It keeps me balanced and from making mistakes that I totally don’t need to make. I mean sure I’m still horny throughout the day and shit, but the temptation to fuck up isn’t as heavy because I’ve already released my nut for the day. I mean I don’t see the harm in it. Holding out on yourself is more of a problem than a solution imo.

  7. Nine times?!!!

    I imagine if I went that long with a release I’d put some poor big booty in the hospital lol

  8. lol i have been doing this alot lately…it’s like on random days i’ll wake up late at night around 1:30 or 2 and my hormones are raging….the other day i bought a 2 day trial to traphouseboys and let me tell you i was over here going in…and the crazy part is many of the applicants that come in my job are eye candy…I’m an HR coordinator at a seurity company and let me tell you the brothas LOOK GOOD and since it’s been months since i had some i’m noticing all the eye candy and i flirt with them and laugh with them all the time, i think some of them know i’m flirting too and they’re all my type: the hood,or working wolves that are also heavy in the gym and bodies are on point…*sigh* so many times at night i’m lusting over them….

    1. I would have a hard time not knocking my lips in lust if I worked where you do Malcolm

  9. Been there, done that, got the soundtrack😆😆 Hey J, it happens to the best of us. I believe 28 days was my longest fast….19 when I was with my last partner. Hang in there..

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