Lets Go Get High By The Beach

when lana del rey debuted her first album,
“born to die”,
it made mean instant fan.
she is definitely not for everyone.
her nicotine “marlboro lights” vocals always give me everything i need.
the songs on that album made me feel like a spoilt gold diggin’ semi-ratch hoe.
one who grew up in long island in the 80s,
goes through baller wolves like toilet paper,
and lives an extremely fast life.
her second album,
was extremely dark and damn near depressed me.
it made me think of a spoilt gold diggin’ semi-ratch hoe,
one from the 80s,
who is in a tumultuous “dl” relationship with an older baller wolf.
so as you know,
i’m a rabid fan.
well when she debuted her new single,
“high by the beach” from her upcoming album “honeymoon”,
you already know i was ready to take a listen.
i watched the new video for the first time today.
well i’m absolutely…

i didn’t really feel anything.
usually i’m taken to another decade or it strikes a mood.
this song just seems…

giphybad enough she made me think of caitlyn jenner in the video.
hell it looked like her house.
see and thats one person i don’t want to associate with my lana.
maybe i need to listen to it more,
but unlike “video games”,
it didn’t grab me.
i hope the other songs do.
“honeymoon” comes out in september.

lowkey: well i’m already singing the chorus.
it has been stuck in my head.
thats a good start.
she also has audio for “honeymoon” too:

i dig this one.
her sadness inspires to me.
i’m about to do a lana binge this weekend.
i need to get back into the mentality she took me once before.

7 thoughts on “Lets Go Get High By The Beach

  1. This is my first intro to Lana Del Rey, ive heard her neame, but never her music.

    I like her vibe and sound! I like the honeymoon song. I’ll go check out her other albums!

  2. At first, I didn’t take to Lana, but she has certainly grown on me. Born To Die is certainly one of her best albums to date.

  3. So… I just watched this video (The only ones I’ve seen are “Video Games” “National Anthem” (My love) and “West Coast” and this was… uhm… ???? !!!

  4. I do love her but a lot of her stuff lately has started to sound the same. Born To Die (album) will forever be the shit!

  5. Lana is a boss chick!

    She’s one of those u need to acquire a taste for. I still roll around to Radio of her Born to Die Album.

    Oh, and J, cld u give me the link to the story u covered nt so long ago involving the snow wolf actor tat spoke abt ratchet producers n directors in Hollyweird.
    -Much appreciate

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