MEAT: (651)


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (651)”

  1. He’s handsome…omg damn he’s sexy…i live in philly so i appreciate a man with a beard…especially a chocolate brotha….

    1. What is wrong with his beard? I am really curious lol. I want mine like that. I bet it would tickle the Foxes when he is eating them out lol.

      1. I just gives off a bit homeless/bummy to me. You can’t have a wild beard without giving that off. He just have to groom it a little.

        For me, I could embrace growing a beard if it grew out less spotty and all over the place.

      2. ^^ The Man, if you’re trying to grow yours out just groom it in such a way that it looks clean! I love a man with a good beard but his ruins his nice face cuz it looks a little crazy. Shape and hygiene is everything with a beard. His makes him look homeless lol

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