How To Get Killed When Breaking Up With A Down Low Dude

DLWOLFwe all talk about getting with a d/l or discreet pre/baller wolf.
some of us already have and know what its like.
sometimes its just straight blowin of the back out,
getting a lifestyle paid for,
while other times it can become more serious.
between my traveling and other issues,
i been meaning to get on this story.
the f-bi has been buzzing in my emails about the murder of ronald taylor,
the older _______ who was messing with an 18 year old _______,
by the name of tarence mitchell.
i think we all can learn something from this story…

A star Connecticut high school football player trying to break it off with his older lover stabbed the man to death during a tussle outside the teen’s home, cops say.

Tarence Mitchell, 18, stabbed Ronald Taylor Jr., 27, five times with a steak knife — including at least once in the back — during an argument Thursday night in Bloomfield, WFSB-TV reports.

The fatal slashing came after a two-year relationship, according to court records. The older man plied the teen with pot and alcohol, Mitchell told police, but when the high schooler tried to break off the sexual relationship, Taylor posted a picture of him on Facebook that included a blog of bad things about him, including him being a Bloomfield gay football star,” the TV station reports.

Mitchell-51The older man got jealous when the football captain at Bloomfield High School, in a Hartford suburb, would text girls. He reportedly threatened the teen with a sword, court papers showed.

When Taylor arrived at Mitchell’s house uninvited Thursday, the teen armed himself with the steak knife, he told cops.

Taylor reportedly punched Mitchell in the face before the football star stabbed Taylor three times. When the man fled, Mitchell chased him down to stab him twice more, cops say.

Mitchell, who had minor cuts to his hands, originally told cops the two were attacked, but later admitted to the slaying, the TV station reports.

“He’s never been in trouble,” Mitchell’s mother, Tyra Smith, told the TV station outside a courthouse Friday as she held back tears. “He’s a star athlete, he’s loved all around town, everybody knows him. This is just so shocking. I send my deepest condolences to the victim’s family but my son is not a murderer.”CT-stabbingMitchell is charged with murder and is being held with bail set at $1 million.

“It’s a sad thing it took two people’s lives to end this way,” the victim’s cousin, Jackie Harris, told the TV station. “We are really grieving over my cousin.”

tumblr_mn9mdclARi1s5ruqso1_500fatal attraction…
just in reverse?
well i believe many of us are messing with dudes of all types,
especially ones who play sports or in the ent. industry.
i have personally spoke to many in emails so i can vouch for it.
some of them are down low,
while the rest are gay and just discreet wit it.
whatever the case may just be,
there is a certain understanding you need to have with the d/l ones.
some people just aren’t built for it,
while others simply don’t give a fuck.
it seems someone in this story got attached and couldn’t handle it after a while.
i did some intel on this story and i got the following:

  • they had been dating for 2 years.
    which means they met when he was like 16.
    he was way too young and could have been just curious.
    experienced it with the dude and decided after a while,
    it just wasn’t for him.
    let this be a lesson to those who mess with young folks.
    someone always gets attached.

  • they met through tarence’s older brother.
    of course you can get any discreet or downlow wolf comfortable with the:“lets smoke” line.
    how much times have we heard this story?
    i read he supplied the youngin’ with weed and alcohol as well.
    again: how many times have we heard this story?

  • dude tried to out him on facebook.
    now he shoulda knew better than that.
    seemed like that young pipe had him too far gone.

its sad that it had to happen like this.
one person is dead.
another will probably lose out on his future.

lowkey: i hope the victim in this story isn’t someone that has read my site.
maybe ive spoken to them/given advice to them.
…and before anyone screams:

“see this is what happens when dealing with down low dudes”

shut up.
this can happen to anyone.
people of all lifestyles can show their asses anytime in a relationship.fatal-attraction-o

article source: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “How To Get Killed When Breaking Up With A Down Low Dude”

    1. ^be careful.
      some of the older ones can get attached and start acting like “daddy”…
      i spoke to an older therapist wolf and he tried to get in my head and play daddy.
      dropped him like a bad habit.
      on the reverse,
      the young ones get attached quick.
      once you put some experienced dick/booty on em,
      they want to move in and play house.
      been there too.

      1. Now I’m confused. The older wolf is in his 40’s soon to be 50 (I think) next month and I am 21 yrs old. He is a nurse in Atlanta and he is a handsome man with a sweet personality, so anyway he said that he want to send me a plane ticket to Atl to see him for his birthday which is very soon. Now ironically out of the blue my classes are ending soon and my new ones is starting in january, so I kind of feel like it a sign maybe. He want to see if we are compatible or not that why he wants me to visit. Do you think I should go or not?

        Plus he did gave me his home address, full name, and phone number to give to my mom for my safety.

    2. Just know that being in a relationship with a older person can work out!!! I met my husband when I was 18 and he was 30 Now he is 53 and I am 41….

      1. I’m 21 yrs old and he is going on to his 50 now. There one problem that I think will never work between him and I is that I want to have a child, but in my 30’s.

  1. You know when it comes to situations like this all i can of the risk that out men are willing to take when catching feelings for these DL men. A Dl man will also do anything to cover his ass when it comes to being outed.

    Also, what the hell is a 27 year old doing daring let along talking to a fucking 18 year old?

    I feel like a lot of gay men are so desperate for dick that anything with a big dick, phat ass and pretty smile no matter what age, race, health status or financial background they be willing to fuck.

    This is an unfortunate situation and may he rest in peace but we as bi/gay men need to start being careful about who they fuck with.

    1. “I feel like a lot of gay men are so desperate for dick that anything with a big dick, phat ass and pretty smile no matter what age, race, health status or financial background they be willing to fuck.”

      110% lb4.
      that boy was way too young.
      he LOOKED young and immature.
      i mean this story is happening all over chat sites as we speak.
      some old perv preying on some youngin.
      hell if you look on xtube,
      you’ll see these ancient men being used as a blow up doll for young dick.
      don’t even start me on the trannies video taping them…

      1. I personally don’t mess with anyone younger than 25. I used to date a girl who was in her early 20s and she would CONSTANTLY put our business out there. It became annoying REAL FAST. Needless to say, she was let go quick. This is not to say that individuals over the age of 25 wouldn’t do the same, because I’ve known some that will, but fortunately I’ve never had to deal with them personally. I know some young individuals that are more mature than people in their 30s or 40s. I’ve yet to date a dude that doesn’t act immature, possessive, and like a straight up nutjob. But one thing I will NEVER do (knowingly) is mess with jailbait. Sorry, but NO ass is worth going to jail for…or dying for!

      2. Exactly Jamari, when gay/bi men start focusing on more than a niggas dick/ass an how warm his hole is then maybe we can start to see more postive male relationships.

        Also we need to start creating better dating habits. All this going over to someones house to “chill” and in your bed and watch Netflix on the first time meeting you is not going to get you anywhere in the long run.

  2. Crazy story. Young Wolf wasn’t ready to be with an older Fox, and young Wolf did not know what he wanted. That’s what it was. What the hell was the older man doing messing with a child?

    You grown ass men can’t be dealing with kids in this lifestyle, even if they are legal. It is a recipe for disaster. Take it from me. When I was 17, I was talking to a 28 year old grown man who was established. I felt like I was the man, seriously. I was so excited I wanted to brag about it lol. However I was still young, and once I entered college I wanted to have fun. I was not ready to be tied down at 18. I saw all these bad ass dudes and females around campus and I wanted to see what was out there. Basically, I moved to the city and it fucked my mind up lol. I cut ol dude off, and he wanted more, but I could not give him that. I wanted to be single and mingle a little. I only like dudes my age now, but I still have a thing for older guys tho lol.

  3. “Exactly Jamari, when gay/bi men start focusing on more than a niggas dick/ass an how warm his hole is then maybe we can start to see more positive male relationships.”

    Very true. I think that it also has to do with what we put in our psyche. Constantly looking at porn or half naked dudes all can desensitize us to important things such as a person’s integrity, spirituality, dependability, etc. We are oversexed!!!! We constantly objectify each other. It has been that way for ever and the same thing can be said about heterosexuals too. Our society is oversexed and that’s what we tend to focus on. However, each one can teach one. Things can def be turned around but we need to stop making everything so sexual. I know that it is a lot easier said than done. I’m a scorpio so I understand LOL. But I do believe things can change and we can get back to the quality of a person being at the top of the list of what is important.

  4. this story is so sad on both sides because these days you can’t date someone or be discreet anymore without people putting you on blast via social media sites and etc. I’m gay, my family knows, my friends know yet i was raised in a family that didn’t disclose their personal lives, so either straight or gay we were raised to not tell everything about our romantic relationships..i do feel like many factors worked against them in this situation. firstly age, secondly where they were at that moment in life, thirdly, their own intentions in regards to where the relationship was headed and lastly the trying to force the other male to stay in the game. You can’t force someone to stay with you nor stick around and especially if they;re that young. i’m 26 but i prefer dating older men, for the most part older men know who they are, are established and don’t have time for the b.s. nor time for putting everything on FB and Twitters, that’s if they even have those accounts, and from the door they tell you what they’re looking for. My heart goes out to both families of those young men. this could happen to anyone one of us…everyone be careful out there dating. this story makes me happy i’m celibate and not dating right now…

  5. I feel really bad for the young man. No one deserves to be victimized at such a young age by someone older. He shouldn’t have killed the man, but getting sex from a minor in exchange for drugs and alcohol and coming to his home to assault him was bad news.

  6. This is really sad. I’m hoping Mitchell will get a good lawyer who can argue for self defense. The man did come to his house and threatened him. Plus he threatened him using social media. So maybe there is hope he can recover from this.

    I am damn near 50 and young dudes hit on me all the time. I ignore it. I have kids already — don’t want to be nobody else’s Daddy. Most men I date are 45-55.

    I know several men older than myself who deal with nothing but younger men. I’ve noticed they do it for several reasons. One is ego — to show they can still pull it. Another is power — they feel they can control a younger person because they have more money, more house, more car, more education.

    And sometimes it is just a midlife crisis. They believe they will appear young by hanging with young bucks. But there is nothing more sad than a middle age man with a gut wearing skinny jeans and a white belt!

    It rarely works out because oftentimes it’s a relationship base on one person NEEDING something from another. And that thing oftentimes is NOT mutual love, respect and desire to communicate. However, I commend some of the posters above who are in relationships with wide age ranges and made it work!

    Immanuel at

    1. Ugh. I wanted to say this first lol. I thought about this not long after I got up. I’ll go in more detail with it tho.

      There is a strong possibility Mitchel will get off, but it depends on what he is willing to tell. He was being manipulated by someone who is an adult while he was 16, the jury will be sympathetic to him if they know all the facts, especially since he has not been in trouble in the past, and the fact that he was a minor when it all started. If he does go up for trial for first degree murder, it is no way he is going to be found guilty if all the facts of their relationship are revealed, no way. If Taylor came to his house and cause a scene, then he killed him in self-defense, period. You have a right to kill on your property if a person shows up at your residence acting reckless. It is like a stalker who shows up at your place.Take them out lol. However self-defense looks bad because Mitchell should have went to the police when he was threatened with the sword because it would have been on record that they had violent altercations in the past, which would support the claim that he was defending himself. Old phone records could be pulled to prove that sexual relationship if their was one, or if any of his friends knew of the relationship. A sextape could play a role if their is one.

      I believe the will be found guilty of manslaughter(whether it is involuntary or voluntary depends on what happened) or not guilty of first degree murder and acted in self-defense. It depends on what is Mitchell is willing to reveal about the relationship. If I was a lawyer I’d represent him lol. This kid needs to get off. He was a minor being manipulated by an older man, period.

  7. This story brings back memories of a casual friend of mine several years ago who went missing. Well he was found in a river bottom murdered after a couple of weeks of searching. At the time everyone was in shock, but it turned out that he was having a DL relationship with his married Barber and I guess he caught feelings and was going to expose him to his wife, and the dude snapped. Well his family really didnt pursue more charges once the story came out, they just wanted it to go away and accepted it as his lifestyle I guess and it was to be expected. Sad, to this day, I dont know what happened to the dude as they kept the story hush-hush as the DL phenomenon was just taking shape in our culture when this incident happened. At the time, even some of his good friends would not talk about it or demand justice

    As someone who has worked in the system, I can tell you like Man said there is a strong possibility that he is going to get off. If he would not have chased him down to stab him again it would have been his word against his and self defense, that act cause the charge to be upgraded to murder. Now since he is athlete and first time offender, a good lawyer can milk this to get him probation or very little jail time. If its Black females on the jury, he will probably get off because they can play to their emotions about the stereotypical predatory gay male preying on young boys and this is a mother worst fear especially when it concerns her sons. Even though that dude wasnt shit, he didnt deserve to die. This dude is more than likely gay and enjoyed the relationship but as any young person was probably tired and ready to move on and that old dude caught feelings, we are human and it happens, I dont think feelings have a respect for someones age especially when you are sexually active. This is a sad situation all around but it sets a unhealthy precedent that its ok to kill gay men because they made you do gay things, or they threaten to expose you being on the DL.

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