How To Get An Baller By Being Cassie or Lauren London

It was real easy for these 2 scammers…

Imagine you were a celebrity or professional athlete that has been exchanging texts, bbms and phone calls with a beautiful girl over a period of a few months, just to realize that she wasn’t the girl you thought she was. It happens all of the time when meeting people online and unfortunately it has happened to a string of athletes and celebs who thought they were “dating” and texting Lauren London and Cassie.

Apparently, there’s a group of scam artists who are impersonating Lauren and Cassie, claiming to be one or both of the girls to connect with celebs. They fake BBMs, phone numbers and social media accounts, even going as far as to planting random dudes around athletes or rappers who tell them that Lauren or Cassie want to hook up. The entertainer calls, texts or bbms the contact info given to them by the scam artists and they eventually carry on a “relationship” with one of the girls, when in all, it’s all a facade. The “relationship” starts to fizzle when the guy wants to meet in person, buying them plane tickets or setting up face-to-face meetings with them, all which of course never happen.
Last year the scam started to unfold when plane tickets that a basketball player had booked for he and Lauren London showed up on a gossip site. Lauren had never met the guy before. A second incident that made news was when football player Bret Locket told a publication that he had been texting and phone sexting Kim Kardashian while she was dating Kris Humphries. He claimed to have received her number from Lauren London who was carrying on a strictly phone and text relationship with his younger brother. Unfortunately, he and his younger brother couldn’t provide proof that they were really talking to Kim or Lauren when prompted to provide more information.

The story gets even more crazier… This summer, a rapper and baseball player ran into each other at an event and casually had a conversation about the girls. Both of them had talked to the fake Cassie and Lauren for about a week when they started feeling as though something was fishy so they reached out to their people and was told that this had been an on going thing. Reps for both the ladies met up with the guys to see what correspondence has been going on, reviewing BBMs, texts, pictures…even going as far as having the rapper call the girl while they were all sitting together. The real Lauren was sitting there listening to the fake Lauren on the phone whining about being on set all day. The baseball player said he knew something was up when he asked the fake Cassie about her tattoos in order to catch her in a lie — which he did. According to reps:

“He asked what’s on your arm in white? She said “Believe”. He googled it and it clearly said “No Regrets”.
“The one who sagged the baseball player, did actually gotoaparty. It was the ESPY’s and he said meet him there. She kept saying, “I’m here, I don’t see you! I can’t get to you”. Then she sent pictures of a table that he was not too far from like, “see this is where I’m standing”, but its too crowded to get to. He tried to walk around and find her (Cassie) but she wasn’t there….
They may tell the dudes meet me here or there, and actually come and watch for satisfaction, but the guy just ends up feeling stood up.
The baseball player, was nerved out like, OMG. What if I told her where I live?!!”

Aside from the plane tickets that popped up on blogs for Lauren and her son to visit a basketball player, which Lauren never knew about, another rookie baller recently purchased three plane tickets for three different days for the fake Cassie who kept canceling and making up excuses on why she was never able to make it.
Both the real Cassie and Lauren London are fed up and released this message to all, hoping that if they finally bring light to the situation, they can prevent anyone else from being scammed by these impersonators.

“Hello. Is thing on?! Testing 1,2…
Blog’s, gossip columns, etc… here is a bit of information for you:
I have been being impersonated for who knows how long and it must stop. Not only have I been being impersonated, so have some of my friends.

Entertainers and athletes are being targeted and made victim by this girl, group of girls or what it now feels like, a group of people.
These men are buying plane tickets, having BBM conversations, phone conversations and basically a virtual relationship with this individual(s). It only lasts so long as obviously there is no “in person” contact in the end.

I feel very bad and embarrassed for these guys that have fallen victim to something so felonious and fictitious. It begins, when “someone” says “Cassie or Lauren London” is “trying to holla”. They use conveniently named email addresses and bicoastal area codes, to make it seem “real”. Note: This will NEVER in life be the case. Its not either one of our styles…….. AT ALL, EVER!
As such, If you have a feeling something is off and not right about this so called “Cassie or Lauren London” that you are “dating” OR that you think a friend of yours is dating….. YOU are very much a victim.

Lastly, to the sick person(s) doing this; live YOUR life!!! You are wasting a precious life of your own.
Thank you for your time. God bless.”

Moral of the story: Fellas beware. That girl that you met on twitter, facebook or through a homeboy hook up might not be the girl that you may think she is. Before you start booking plane tickets and spending money on gifts, luxuries and the whole nine, make sure you check her credentials and meet her face to face. It’s insane that people live their lives as other people but definitely not surprising.



I wonder what the scammers REALLY looked like.
If it was 2 Foxes, I would probably:

I guess they just made it harder for my REAL AUTHENTIC Foxes to meet their Baller Wolves, huh?
Don’t worry clan.
Real is always better than fake.
But I must say there little plan was… excellent.

Fake Lauren and Cassie = 1
Everyone they scammer = 1

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3 thoughts on “How To Get An Baller By Being Cassie or Lauren London”

  1. why anyone would pretend to be those mid20s hasbeens is beyond my understanding – must have something to do with them being obscure enough for someone to fall for such a scam, and have garnered enough attention half-a-decade ago for them to seem interesting enough

    i’m cheering for the scammers!

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