He Said, She Said, They Said, We All Said.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__1280there was a vixen i use to know.
how we became cool was actually a funny story.
so we met at a retail job i worked at couple years ago…

she actually ended up training me on the register.
i couldn’t help not look at her because she was gorgeous.

light brown
fat ass.
nice tits.
longer shoulder length hair.

i scoped all the vixens at the job,
but she was indeed the finest.
well my first day there,
i remember going to the bathroom to pee.
while i was in there,
one of the finest wolves also walked in.
he asked me:

“are you new?”


after scoping all the wolves,
i decided he was the finest.

muscular thick.
chinky eyes.
fat ass.
possible nice pipe.

so as i’m in there,
he asks me what section i was going to be in.

“probably the register.
i’m being trained by _______________”

well after that,
all his word vomit started flying out.
he told me how she was such a hoe and how easy she was.
if i wanted to fuck her,
i could because he did a couple times.

“blah blah blah blah yackity smackity”

4487d450-e4bb-4981-88ca-13a73ad9ed5fhe was letting me know everything i didn’t even ask for.
now as a fox,
i don’t just go with what someone says as truth.
i like to investigate.
sniff around.
fact check.
so i said my typical:


…and put him in my ho`lodex as the “kiss ‘n’ tell” pineapple.
the worst kind of pineapple to deal with.

so as i worked there,
me and the vixen became cool.
we had the same schedule most of the days.
she didn’t come off like a hoe wit her convo,
but listen i’ve been fooled before.
vixens are good at covering up their undercover ho-ish ways.
they will fuck your best friend and keep it a secret.
giphypeople were telling me how the wolf said she was a hoe.
no one else fucked her there.
how is she a hoe then?
so one night,
i decided to ask her about the rumor.
come to find out,
he and that vixen actually dated.
like he took her out to legit dates.
he cheated,
she broke up with him,
and he decided to slander her name in the process.
she knew he was doing it as well.

what i’m trying to say is with that last entry,
the one about ( x sean moore ),
its easy for a scorned ex to create a forest fire.
now i’m not saying sean may not be out here burning,
but i’ve seen bitter crazy ass exes/friends lie to ruin someone’s rep.
what if sean is negative,
working a good job,
and doesn’t even know this is happening?
what if he got some good dick and had these hoes strung out?
see thats the thing about rumors
it takes one bitter betty(s) to destroy someone’s reputation.
as someone in the foxhole,
always investigate before you decided something as truth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said, They Said, We All Said.”

  1. You are right. When a person does not get their way, they will throw you under the bus and run over you in a heartbeat. Y’all better learn.

    1. People will do that to you…IF you allow them to. I had a”friend” with whom I had a falling out with, who proceeded to start telling everyone that I was an undercover junkie. LOL
      Mind you, I am scared to death of needles, and my first time drinking alcohol many years ago was my last time drinking it. Luckily people knew that I didn’t drink or do drugs, because the dummy forgot we knew most of the same people.
      He and I had a conversation, where I let him know to keep my name out of his mouth or we would have a serious problem. He tried bad-mouthing me a few more times afterwards but gave up when he saw that it was a lost cause.
      I guess the point I’m trying to make is that if you present/carry yourself a certain way, if someone tries to dog you out if they don’t get their way…nothing they say can really harm you. Only the naive fools will believe it, not those who know you.

  2. True. All you gay men better watch out. If you see a man who you thought was str8 on one of those gay apps/hook-up websites looking for dick or bussy, it might actually be too good to be true. It’s apparently a thing for scorned females to put there exes picture up looking for m2m sex. Don’t fall for it. They know nothing will ruin a man’s reputation more than being “suspect.”

  3. What Zen Buddha is something else. Yes, people spread lies about others day in and day out. If the stories about Sean Moore are true, then it’s sad.(And he’s apparently lying about his positive HIV status.) If the stories about Sean Moore are false, then it’s sad. (And apparently another or others are lying about his negative or unknown HIV status.) One thing is clear: The Devil is a liar!

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