Guess Which Wolf Is The New Host of 106 and Park?

i’m sure you are dying to know!…

After an extensive search BET has revealed four official personalities tapped to host “106 & Park.”

Appearing as hosts for the first time Monday, the new hosts are Miss Mykie, Paigion, Shorty Da Prince and Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow).

After the big reveal Bow Wow spoke candidly about his decision to appear as one of four hosts, up from a two-host, production.

“106 & Park has always been home to me, so now it’s official,” said Bow Wow. “I’m here now. This is my job every day. I’m here now to bring y’all the hottest show on the planet.”

As previously reported, Terrence J and Rocsi parted ways with the hit video countdown show last month. Terrence J (Jenkins) will soon appear as a co-host on E’s “E News.”

BET’s “106 & Park” has long been a promotional platform for recording artists and entertainers. It is one of the longest running shows of its kind, premiering in 2000.

BET’s “106 & Park” will continue to air Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. ET on BET.


bow wow is in my city.
how good is that?
i wonder if i’ll see him at the foot looker again?

search for that entry—–>

now lets hope he combs his hair, pops a breath mint, and looks like a human.
that weed head thing he was doing had him looking dusty.

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11 thoughts on “Guess Which Wolf Is The New Host of 106 and Park?”

  1. I guess you have to do what you have to do. But I can’t imagine he’s too excited about this. It’s definitely a step back in his career.

  2. First off, who watches 106&Park anymore? LOL. It was cool when Rocsi and Terrence J first started but around “08” it fell off. LOL. I’m just over the show at this point.

  3. I’m really not feeling this. I’d prefer two host. I think four is a little drastic and a little too much. I am willing to accept the new host because I don’t think they should be attacked. But Bow Wow?? Really BET. I’d rather have the “no names than him. I use to be a fan, but his cockiness is a turn off. He isn’t even all that, lyrically or physically. Also isn’t this kind of a down grade for him. I think it’s career suicide. But it will amke for good tv when him and “O” reunite whenever he has to promote something for Maybach Music. wink wink.

    1. This is a downgrade because 106&Park is a joke. That show is for people who want to grow and be known in the entertainment world. I’m surprised that he’s not embarrassed hosting a show with a bunch of nobodies. All Bow wow is good for now is his looks. His rapping career is over. Most people who become famous before the age of 16 always end up fading into the background when they grow up.

  4. File this under when the checks stop coming, I think he should consider hosting event parties, surely it pays more than BET, Im not even getting 6 figures out of this deal, but I guess when you have child support and no hits a check is a check. Good Luck with this career move, because this season must be the end of this trainwreck because they are grasping at straws for a new concept. Time for a whole new show in this time slot.

  5. Someone tweeted Bow Wow hosting 106 & Park is like going back to work at your high school after graduation…

    I might add as the janitor or admin assistant. But hey, it’s a steady paycheck…

  6. It’s a great platform for those who are trying to establish their careers. If it were a brand new show that Shad was hosting, I think people would respond differently. Anyway, I don’t know his financial situation, so if it is good for him…

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