f0x swagg: The 1s Who Impressed My Foxy Tastes

we got past all the people who made me fire all their stylists.
now, let me highlight all the good wolves who followed my rules…

as usual, t.i can wear a suit and also look GOOD even casual.
i’m always impressed with t.i’s style.
he manages to just look good without trying.
first off, the outfit is symmetrical meaning everything fits his body correctly.
i’m very picky with that.
the jordans were a nice touch to end the outfit.

meek mill had to show him up on that red carpet.
the accents on the givenchy sweatshirt to subtly match the pants:

victor cruz wore the sweater, with a different design, at the jay-z concert this weekend:

back to meek,
the giuseppe zanotti black patent leather sneakers also got him on my good side.
i would mos def rock this fit.
keep it up meek.

busta looked very casual but it worked.
he touched the fit up with some christian louboutin sneakers and that was it.
like i said, simple outfit with some BAD sneakers.
usually busta can be a miss at award shows,
but obviously he didn’t dress himself this time (or did he?).

i don’t know who he is.
he goes by fame.
he must be new.
no twitter in sight.
nice to meet you.
it looks thug as hell… but it works.

future looks good for his image.
i love that army fatigue jacket actually.
i have no complaints.

good work wolves.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “f0x swagg: The 1s Who Impressed My Foxy Tastes”

    1. ^ I would love to go back and forth with davon but anyone this bitter is obviously irrelevant…

      but I want to introduce you all to a lifestyle.
      the fox/wolf/and hybrid lifestyle.
      I want you all to look good,
      feel good,
      think good,
      and be fresh.
      live your best life.
      what’s hot and what’s not.

      Obviously I’m inspiring davon.
      he keeps coming back,
      leaving comments,
      and showing everyone what not to be.
      im actually glad he is working against me.
      we need the amusement.

      1. LMAO! This is too much! Who comes in here with that type of hate-speech? LOSER! Jamari > davon……………Jamari = WINNING

  1. They do look good; I’m pretty sure Busta didn’t choose his clothes, but he did pick the accessories — all those rings & chains…*sigh*

    Now if these ninjas would pull up their pants…*double sigh*

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