(Great Scott!) BET Sues B Scott

BScottIIi guess he should have left well enough alone.
so it looks like b scott’s dreams of being a star have hit a bit of a snag.
remember he was all upset about bet making him change his clothes at the awards?
well he ended up suing,
and now may lose some money in the process.
you thought it was over?
nah son!
hit it tmz…

B. Scott — the transgender host who went to war with BET turned down the network’s offer to settle their ongoing lawsuit … and the gamble could end up costing him 6 figures.

Losing the case left Scott on the hook for BET’s attorney’s fees … which, according to court docs obtained by TMZ, totaled $279,000! But in a letter to Scott, his former employer offered to let him off easy for a mere $15,000 … IF he promised to drop any appeals. 

Scott opted to roll the dice — he rejected the offer, filed an appeal, and now BET is going after him for the fees again … demanding at least $150K. 

Scott’s not backing down, telling us … “No one will tell me who I should be, how I should present myself, or what I do with my life.”

A judge will decide what he does with his money.

tumblr_n423g5SVZO1tw1vhco1_500i thought he was over and done with this.
i guess he wants to overstep.
okay b.
we get it.
you are hurt.
yada yada yada.
don’t let your emotions leave you broke out here.
maybe i’m a bad person,
or a sell out i dunno,
but if bet asked me to change my clothes…
i would.
even if i reallllllly thought i looked like “hot sex on a platter”.
maybe i understand “the rules” more than others.
until i’m on boss status like a “beyonce” or a “jay z”,
and paid my dues like a regular human,
then i won’t be playing the “oh no i don’t think so” card.
regular people get told to do it at their 9 to 5s.
why should b scott be any different?
just my thoughts.
i could be wrong tho.

lowkey: am i the only one who doesn’t think the outfit he changed into was bad?
i’m convinced he is doing way too much.

article courtesy: TMZ

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “(Great Scott!) BET Sues B Scott”

    1. ^right.
      this is your job.
      yes he is “b scott”,
      but he is still isn’t immune to a “change”.
      plus he still went on and did it.
      if he was so hurt,
      he would have left.

  1. My opinion is he should have stop unless he got the money for it then okay you do you boo. Maybe he/she is doing this to become more famous like Ray J and other?

  2. So is he transgendered or nawt?

    He’s had plenty of platforms to dress and express himself any way he wanted to. He needs to let it go. I wouldn’t fuck with big corporate companies like Viacom and Disney. They come for that ass even if they are wrong. cough Donald Sterling cough.

  3. i agree B. Scott should have just fell back BUT business wise BET has me confused on this one…any business venture or person would tell you if they had seen you on tv and youtube videos and had already known your persona and etc PRIOR to hiring you at the event, they were already fine with the decision to hire you. Especially after even telling you that you were fine the were you were to do the job and then at the last minute they tell you to change your clothes, your whole look and your persona…umm where do they do that? especially with that big QUEEN Stephen Hill over at BET sweeter than mamas homemade tea lol

    my bad i digress…anyways they should have just got someone else to do the job if it was going to be such a big deal…they basically just reneged on the whole agreement lol…that would be like hiring a stripper to perform, telling them they can perform their act, which involves taking off their clothes and getting naked , dancing sexually & freely to a freaky song or sexy jam, then at the last minute you tell them never mind put the clothes on, show no skin and just dance to a upbeat track…it basically defeats the purpose…and this is why i said it before and i’ll say it again BET is so hypocritical with their views, you have dry porn on your shows, gabby on mary jane giving men head, you had BET uncut for years playing a hour or two before the gospel shows come on, and everything yall do is stereotypical in nature but they’re offended by a man with a sexually androgynous look that THEY HIRED knowing he was this way beforehand?!?! lmao bye BET I’m so over their coonery but what more can you expect…and B. Scott stick to interviewing entertainers on E tv and etc with the white folks they’ll give you more cash and less fuss anyway about your sexuality #FACT

    1. Agreed Malcom.

      BET hired a queen and then when said queen showed up to do her job, BET wanted to de-queen her a bit.

      Confused much?!?!?!?!?!

  4. I dont understand any of this and what the big deal is, but B. Scott reminds me of a lot of gay dudes who have built up this grand persona in their minds that just because you know a few celebs and you are popular on Youtube you are a real star with pull and power much like that Perez Hilton dude, you will never win when you have to pay your attorney on a payment plan and they have corporate attorneys, and all these gay organizations who protest and bully others are not going to give a shit about him, not going to donate one cent to his legal fees or say anything; but yet he is taking a stand and making a statement about his lifestyle but he is no athlete or someone who can push their agenda. BET core audience could care less and probably have already forgot who he is. His best bet is to go begging and pleading before they own his brand and he will have to pay them to even use his name.

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