Fuck Me Like U Tryna Prove A Point.

I just want to be fucked and bust a good nut all over…

“It’s a Sunday!” I could hear Mama Fox screaming in the background.

I am being honest and talking like a top would.

–>I. AM. HORNY.<–

Whoever fucks me next is in for a ride.

Come here
Rude boy, boy
Is you big enough
Take it, take it
Baby, baby
Take it, take it
Fuck me
Fuck me
Rihanna (Rude Boy)

From the blog sites with the pictures….
All this good porn I have been viewing….
The niggas walking around The Concrete Forest….

To this football game on my television…..
To my friends telling me all this good winter dick they are getting…..
I feel like a fiend, locked in a room with crack behind glass walls.

Your only and only Fox is HORNY!
and I want some good good to knock down my walls.

I swear I have never felt this horny before.
Maybe because I am holding out on giving the fox tail to just ANYONE.
Truthfully, I can get fucked by any beggin’ nigga.
That’s easy.
I am not in the business of an easy sale.
But, I want to fuck someone like the first time I fucked that fine D/L nigga, I wrote about stories ago.

You know what I am talking about.
You meet him for the first time and you WANT HIM to conduct an investigation inside the contents of your boxer briefs.
Do not act like you never wanted to be fucked really good either.
You read my blog.
Enuff said.

I want to get fucked by a gladiator.
A fantasy type of dude (who has been trained in good sex)
Like this piece of meat here:

He can even look like this:

Someone that turns me on HARDBODY.
I want the dick from someone who I know is going to put it on me.

I want to rub my hands down his back as he lays ontop of me; grinding.
I want to suck on his nipples on his athletic pec.
I want to make the “Oh shit” face as he is sliding his fat meat inside my Velvet walls.


I want some toe curling, back scratching, slap a nigga in the face dick.

Sorry if I am being blunt on this Sunday but the truth WILL set you free.
And Foxes, I want that one stupid sex type dude to set me FREE!

So Ima keep holding out until he shows face.

I’m a give it
To you harder
I’m a turn
Your body out
Let me do it
How I wanna
If you got it
I need it
And I’m a put it down…..

Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Fuck Me Like U Tryna Prove A Point.”

  1. It’s enuff your ass horny…

    but now you got me all hot n bothered thinkin bout a brother who ACTUALLY knows how to blow ya mind…in a couple hours i mite be officially a virgin again waitin on the “right” type of brother…

    …I wont lie…sometimes I wanna jus wanna jump on the first sexy dude that come by but I won’t…I refuse…we’re in the same boat J and we ain bout to catch no FISH!!!!!!!! LMAO

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